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Supergirl Flies To Lego Dimensions Playstation 4 Starter Packs In Late September

All of the Lego games that Traveler’s Tales have put out are very popular, but it seems like Lego Dimensions is their best game yet. And new figures for the game are announced all the time. In fact, a brand new figure was announced today! Supergirl will be appearing in Lego Dimensions Playstation 4 starter packs starting in later September.


Supergirl has her own TV show right now, her own comic, and very soon she’ll have her own Lego Dimensions figure too. In later September, the Lego Supergirl figure will be found with Playstation 4 starter packs. But if you don’t want to buy the starter pack, Jason Inquires on twitter says that the figure will be available separately starting in March.

Here is the official press release from Warner Bros Interactive:

” “Introducing the Supergirl from Krypton!”


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