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Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Announced

Nintendo announced a brand new hardware model of the Nintendo Switch today: the Nintendo Switch OLED model! Check out the trailer, the details on it, and our thoughts below.

The Nintendo Switch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) model is coming out on October 8th! Just in time for Metroid Dread!

This new Switch model will have a bigger 7-inch screen, a sizable table top adjustment, enhanced audio for portable mode, a bigger storage space of 64GB, and a Wifi LAN port in the back of the dock. It will also be available at a higher price point: $349.99 (US).

It should be noted that this doesn’t seem like the Switch “Pro”. There is nothing being said about this system being more powerful than the regular Switch. It has a better screen and audio in portable mode, but other than that, seems like a normal Switch. We are basing this on the available information at the moment and will update our readers if there is anything else revealed.

The system does like great though. It looks perfect for playing games like Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread in portable mode! While the Lite is for everyone, this system looks like its more for the “hardcore” gamer.

What do you think of this new Nintendo Switch model? Do you think its the rumored “Pro”? Are you disappointed or happy with whats been revealed? Let us know in the comments!


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