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Lunar Card Game Review – Allplay Series

Lunar is a pretty unique trick taking game and one that I had to play a few times before I really knew if I wanted to keep it around and play it long term. There is a lot of depth here, and while it is simplistic in how it works, the decision space in this game is huge, and veteran board game and card game players might have a logical leg up on the competition simply because they live and breathe in this space.

Although I have some issues with how balanced this game would be if you pit veteran players against novice players, there is too much to love to not recommend this one.

Lunar is a bit unique – each player will be dealt a hand of cards, which will have two different backs. One back will be white and the other black, and on the fronts one will have different coloured suits while the other will just have numbers. There will be 4 tokens on the table at the beginning of each round, one in each colour. Starting with a player and going clockwise, the player will remove one coloured token until there is only one left – the leftover colour will be the “trump” colour for that round.

Players then get the option to swap two cards with their partner, one of each type, before the round begins. Only 4 cards are played each round, and each team needs to play at least one colour and at least one number. So if I played a green card, my partner would have to play a numbered card, etc.

What’s really unique is how you decide how many tricks to take. In the centre of the table there is a dial, and depending on how many tricks you take will determine how many points you will score. Take too many, and you will get none and your opponent quite a few – it is a really interesting mechanic and I find it pretty unique in the trick taking space.


Ultimately, though, this isn’t a game for novice trick tacking fans – this is a pretty deep and complex (in thought) game, and while it’s easy to understand and play, it’s not really that easy to actually think through. I love this title, and if you are a hardcore trick taking game fan, then you will love this as well. Give it a go, we highly recommend it!


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