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Bacon Card Game Review – Allplay Series

To say that Allplay games are lots of fun in one small box would be an understatement. We have played through a few games that Allplay sent over for review, and every one of them has been a hit with someone in one way or another. Bacon happens to be one of those games, and although it’s a bit on the lighter side, it still packs a ton of fun into and easily explained, quick to play experience!


In Bacon, players are going to attempt to shed cards from their hands until they have none left, scoring points for each round depending on when they “got out.” Players will have a hand of starting cards and will choose some to play in front of them if they are the starting player.

This could be simply a single card which others will need to beat, or it could be a run of cards, sets of cards, etc. Each subsequent player must either beat the cards played by playing something higher – a similar sized set but with a higher card value, a run where the highest card beats the highest card of your opponent, etc. – although anything can be trumped by a special set, of which there are 5 you can potentially create from the cards in your hand.

What I love about Bacon is the simplicity of the game itself. For some, that simplicity might be too much and so they will move on to more complicated things, but if you have friends who enjoy standard card games and want to introduce them to something just a bit different, I think Bacon scratches that itch.

I’ve had a blast playing this with people who I wouldn’t consider board game players. They enjoy a game of cards, but that’s about it. When introduce to Bacon, it was like a world of different games and experiences just suddenly opened up to them in that moment – there are other cards games that don’t require a standard deck of cards?!

Everything included in the box is top notch, and the artwork makes this game pop on the shelf. I think it’s going to b a big hit for people looking to grab a new game at their local board game store – in fact, I’d argue the look of the box is going to sell copies, regardless of whether or not people know what’s inside.

Also, is it possible this will be one of the biggest novelty purchases this year? Know someone who loves Bacon? Buy them this. Joking aside, this is a great little title from Allplay and one we highly recommend!


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