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Asmodee Canada Has You Covered This Holiday Season – WIN an Asmodee Prize Package!

Over the past few years, Asmodee around the globe has been buying up smaller companies and putting all those titles under their grand banner. To many, Asmodee is the Disney of the board game world, and rightfully so. They own a ton of properties, win dozens of awards each year, and continue to push high quality games out to market. As we head into this holiday season, here are a few of the more recent games from Asmodee that we think you should consider for those board game loving folks on your list! Plus, see how you can enter to win an Asmodee Prize Pack as the bottom of this article!


Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West Buy

My wife and I have been playing Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West fairly consistently over the past few weeks, and we are about half way through the 12 game campaign. Whether you are playing this game with one other person, or four other people, there is a ton of things to love here. Not only are you getting a classic Ticket to Ride experience, but you are also getting unique things you’ve never seen before in previous Ticket to Ride games!

This one does require a bit of commitment if you play with a larger group, and it does come with a justifiable, albeit large, price tag. That being said, this is one of the best games we’ve played from Asmodee this year, and cannot wait to see where our adventure west takes us next! A spoiler free unboxing of this game can be seen below!

Are you unfamiliar with Ticket to Ride? You can enter to win a copy of the original game, see the contest information at the bottom of the article!


I love to include gateway games on any holiday gift guide, and Spellbook is definitely a gateway game. With easy to understand rules, and gradual complexity that players can add into the experience at their own pace, this is a great game for everyone to enjoy. You can read our review here! 

What I like about Spellbook is that it combines fantastic components with exceptional gameplay, creating an easy to understand, but elegant to play experience. As you pull those acrylic runes from the bag to populate the various boards, there is osmething very satisfying about it. While they could have used cardboard for all the tiles, I love the premium plastic chips. This is a game I wouldn’t want to miss out on – want to learn how to play? Check out the video below!

Want to win your own copy of Spellbook? Thanks to Asmodee Canada, you can enter to win a copy by following the contest details at the bottom of the page!

7 Wonders + ExpansionsBuy

Recently, Asmodee rereleased 7 Wonders with a brand new look, and boy is it impressive. I’ve played it a few times since it arrived a few months ago, and we have loved every minute of it. Again, we are talking about a game with fantastic gameplay, but equally fantastic components and boards.

7 Wonders New Edition Strategy Board Game for Ages 10 and up, from Asmodee  -

While not quite as easy to understand as Spellbook, 7 Wonders is still a fairly simple game once you understand the base rulesets. Choose cards to play, play your cards – either resources, military, science, etc – and then choose your next card. This is a bit of an engine builder, where you need to make sure you have the base resources necessary to execute your plan, with just a small sprinkle of luck, depending on which cards arrive into your hand from the previous player.

The best part about 7 Wonders is the plethora of expansions available for the game. Once you’ve mastered playing the base version, why not check out any of the many expansions and see how they change up your game and strategy. At a relatively inexpensive price point, this is an easy game to recommend and teach at your next board game night!

Contest Time!

Want to win a collection of games from Asmodee Canada? You can win Ticket to Ride, Spellbook, and 7 Wonders, and entering is very easy! Just follow the link below!


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