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Disney Lorcana – One Week Later: Is there stock?

Disney Lorcana had it’s final launch last week Friday, so it’s been a week since the game has been available at both Local Game Stores (LGS) and big box stores like Walmart, Target, and GameStop. What we know is that Ravensburger has said they would print Disney Lorcana to meet demand.

What they did NOT promise, however, was to make sure there would be stock for everyone. So after a week, let’s take a look and see what the Disney Lorcana landscape looks like, specifically in the Canadian market.

Disappointment all around regarding Disney Lorcana

There is no getting past this point – there is a TON of disappointment around the launch of Disney Lorcana, and none of that disappointment has anything to do with the game itself. There is disappointment in how LGS’ handled the product they received, many selling product for double (and sometimes triple) MSRP.

There was disappointment when the big box stores got their products because there wasn’t enough, or in some cases, there wasn’t any at all. There has been disappointment in how little stock LGS’ have received since the LGS launch on August 18th. There has been a ton of disappointment.

How did I fare with my Disney Lorcana journey?

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to interview DIsney Lorcana co-designer Ryan Miller at GenCon, and as part of that experience, Ravensburger was kind enough to send me home with a starter deck, an additional booster pack, and set of Elsa sleeves, and a Captain Hook deck box.

While not enough to actually review the game, it was still a nice gesture and got my collection started. I even was fortunate enough to pull a legendary Mickey Mouse: Brave Little Tailor from the booster box included with my starter deck.

Prior to GenCon, I also felt fortunate to find a LGS selling product just a bit over MSRP, and even landed on the GameStop pre order page long before anyone else, and was able to put a TON of stuff in my cart. Then launch happened, and it all went to crap.

My LGS pre order consisted of a starter deck and a booster box of 24 cards. The Booster Box has yet to arrive, but I was able to pick up my starter deck. Fortunately, I arrived at the store as they were unboxing what they received (and even the store didn’t know it seemed), and was able to add two playmats (Mickey and Maui) plus a deck box to my order. Not bad, but I really wanted that Booster Box. I’m still waiting.

At GameStop Canada, I put in a preorder for a lot more. That preorder included:

  • 3x Illumineers Trove
  • 1x Gift Set
  • 6x Booster Packs
  • 6x Blister Packs
  • 2x Play Mats (Mickey Mouse and Melificent)
  • 2x Starter Decks (Random)
  • 2x Deck Boxes (Elsa and Mickey)
  • 2x Sleeves

Of that preorder, GameStop cancelled most of it when I went to pick up my products. I was told they were maxing preorders at 3 of each item, per person. That would have been nice to know early on. What did I get? 2 Boosters, 2 Blisters, 2 Troves. They also cancelled my preorders for sleeves, deck boxes, and mats saying they didn’t think they would be getting any.

It’s all been unfortunate, and perhaps unavoidable without pushing the release date back, something few people wanted I think. I do hope Ravensburger puts a pause on the November launch of Chapter 2 until after the reprint of Chapter 1 in Q1 2024.

What has your Lorcana experience been like? As of now, there doesn’t seem to be stock available anywhere. My local Walmart even indicated that NO Walmart stores in Canada received stock (yet to verify). I just want more Lorcana, and it cannot come soon enough!


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