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New Terminology, New Mechanics – Looking at Smuggle / Smuggling in Star Wars Unlimited

New ways to play Star Wars Unlimited are here with the latest release, Shadows of the Galaxy. About a week ago, we took a look at one of the new mechanics, Bounties, and how that could drastically change the way we play the game, in a very positive, thematic way. You can read all about our view on Bounties here!  Today we are focusing on another big game changing element, the ability to Smuggle! Let’s take a look at what this means for your strategy as you construct new decks for Star Wars Unlimited!


The new Smuggle (we will also say smuggling) keyword allows players to move cards from their resource pile into their play area. The benefit here is that when you do move that card, you get to replace it with the top card of your deck. This is a really handy additional mechanic, especially if the card you have in your hand with the Smuggle keyword isn’t really something you want now, but might want later.


Let’s talk about one specific card that has been shown off by Fantasy Flight Games – Smuggler’s Aid. When played for one energy, this card allows players to heal 3 damage from their base. Not a bad card, but if this is in your opening hand, even after your mulligan, it’s only really useful to resourcing at that moment. You don’t need to heal your base if your base has no damage, or you might not get the full impact of the card if your base is only at 1 or 2 damage total.

With Smuggle, this specific card can be resources early on, and then played later when the benefits are most…beneficial! Again, another chance, in my opinion, to impact the game in a VERY positive way.

What I really like about this is that some cards you plan to put into decks will now have a dual purpose. Sure, the card might not be the greatest thing on the planet, but with the Smuggle keyword, it could be a really great way to surprise your opponent with cool effects. And like with bounties, I think smuggling in this way is very thematic to the Star Wars Universe, especially with this set so focused on bounty hunters and less savory types.


Some cards in the game you WANT to resource first, regardless of when you get them. That’s because certain cards will gain bonuses ONLY when they are played into the game from your resource pool, i.e. they have been smuggled into play. I think this is yet another interesting way to change how this game plays. Now the items you resource, and the cards your opponent resources, could be something that comes out later in the game. I think that’s really cool, and can help you strategize without giving up to much information early to your opponent.

I can see some people NOT liking this new mechanic, as it makes anticipating certain things a bit harder. As a more casual player, I think this is a very positive improvement. If Fantasy Flight Games continues to innovate like this, I see a lot of good things happening for Star Wars Unlimited!


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