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New Game from Lookout Games – Forest Shuffle

This October, Lookout Games is launching a brand new game experience called Forest Shuffle. Forest Shuffle, a 2-5 player game where players are attempting to collect more trees than there opponents, is looking like it will have addicting gameplay and fantastic art. Love walking around in nature and checking out what the world has to offer? Forest Shuffle might give you that experience right on your home table!

Forest Shuffle is designed by brilliant (and young!) Germany developer KOSCH, best known for developing and releasing Fyfe. Toni Llobet provides the artwork for the game, and based on the few images I’ve seen so far, it looks absolutely stunning. We have said many times before that a good game with mediocre art and components could quickly become a mediocre game. However, a good game with great components will better stand the test of time!

Hanno Girke, Head of Studio for Lookout Games had this to say about the upcoming release, “Forest Shuffle is the next best thing to walking in the woods.” Added KOSCH, “Toni’s illustrations bring the game to life exactly how I imagined.”

What is even cooler about this release is that it will be the first in a long line of Greenline games from Lookout Games. Lookout’s Greenline lineup will consist of games made without the use of plastics, and will instead use sustainable raw resources to produce their games. We think that is pretty fantastic.

Forest Shuffle is suitable for 2–5 players aged 10 and up and lasts approximately 60 minutes. The game will be released at SPIEL Essen this October.


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