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Get Ready to Shower Adorable Pets with Love in Super Kawaii Pets!

Arcane Wonders brings the heartwarming card game Super Kawaii Pets to English-speaking audiences, partnering with Studio Supernova.


Calling all animal lovers! Dive into the delightful world of Super Kawaii Pets, where you’ll adopt and care for the most irresistible furry (or feathery, or scaly) companions you’ve ever seen. Developed by the imaginative minds at Studio Supernova, Super Kawaii Pets has charmed players worldwide with its adorable artwork, easy-to-learn gameplay, and a theme that tugs at your heartstrings.

Get ready to cuddle up with cuteness overload at Origins Game Fair, where Super Kawaii Pets will be available for purchase at just $14.99. Can’t wait? Pre-order your copy today on the Arcane Wonders website and prepare to shower your new pet pals with love!

At the beginning of the game, the Animal cards are placed Sad side up in the middle of the table with three cards for players to choose from. The Help and Location cards will also be shuffled and three cards will be revealed from each deck.

On their turn, the active player selects any combination of two cards from the Animal and Help cards to add to their hand. Then they can play any number of Animal cards from their hand, gaining any benefits in the upper left corner.

They can also pay an Animal’s cost in Help cards in order to flip it to its Happy side.

When a player has flipped enough Animals to their Happy side to meet the requirements of a Location card, they can claim that Location and assign the Happy Animals to their new home. Location cards give Victory points, and they may also allow you to claim an additional card when obtained.

The game ends as soon as a player has any combination of 10 Happy Animals and Location cards in front of them. Complete the round so everyone gets the same number of turns, then it’s time for scoring! Count up the Victory Points on Happy Animals and Location cards in front of you, and subtract one point for each Sad Animal they have (either in hand or in front of them). The player with the most Victory Points is the winner!

For more info and to purchase you can go to the official website here.


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