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Exploding Minions Available at Dollarama in Canada

For the inexpensive price of $5, Canadians can enter their local Dollarama location today and purchase Exploding Minions, a game based on the very popular Exploding Kittens franchise.

Exploding Minions works very much like Exploding Kittens except you are playing with cards from the popular movie franchise, Minions and Despicable Me! For the most part, the game plays exactly the same as Exploding Kittens with the exception of a few cards. One of the coolest card in this game is the Clone card which allows you to play it as whatever card is beneath it on the discard pile. That can allow for some really cool combos and has created a lot of fun situations in the games we have played.

Run out and grab your copy now! I assume they won’t last long, especially since Exploding Kittens still costs 24.99 on Amazon Canada!


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