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GameGenic Products are Top of Class – Star Wars: Unlimited

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing Star Wars: Unlimited a lot, and one of the common factors across all my games is that I’m using a plethora of GameGenic products day-in and day-out, and all of them are must haves for those looking to invest in this game. From playmats to boxes, here is a quick review of all the products GameGenic was nice enough to send to us to review!

Acrylic Tokens

Unlike other Trading Card Games, Star Wars: Unlimited uses a lot of different tokens and cards to represent shields, damage, improvements, priority and more. As with other TCGs, the tokens included in the starter set are made of very thin cardboard, and while they serve their purpose, they aren’t really the best quality. Enter the Acrylic tokens from GameGenic. Not only do these look great, but they feel great to use as well.

Instead of tucking experience or shield cards behind cards I have placed, it’s great to just toss one of these fantastic tokens on the cards. The tokens are easily recognizable, and really are a benefit to everyone at the table. If you plan to play Star Wars: Unlimited a lot, I would HIGHLY recommend investing in these!

Play Mats

There were a number of playmats that GameGenic provided to us for review. There were 2 smaller individual player mats that had fantastic artwork but that was about it. There was also a much larger two-player mat that had spaces for leaders, bases, resources, ground and space units, the priority token, and more.

While this larger mat could be just for beginners as they learn where to place various items, I actually think (again, like above) that this two-player mat is a must have for those looking to invest in this game long term. While I would consider the individual player mats more of a collectible item (as more will be released with each set), if I’m spending my money on any mats from GameGenic, it’s going to be the two player mat. And even better – if you plan to buy the two player mat, it’s actually cheaper than purchasing two single player mats!

The mat quality is exceptional, and while it doesn’t have stitched edges, it’s still going to hold up for a very long time, probably longer than you will be playing the game!

Inexpensive Storage Boxes

Storage box time! Listen, we love themed storage boxes, and while GameGenic makes a lot of generic boxes, they also make ones themed around Star Wars: Unlimited. While we didn’t get to try out the expensive boxes – those are SO nice! – we did get the cheaper, very usable and durable, plastic boxes.


These boxes hold a complete sleeved deck for the game, and also include a token box within the box that will hold all of your game tokens, whether the cardboard ones that come in the starter set or the above mention acrylic tiles. The boxes feel very sturdy and hold everything in place. While they might not have the pizzaz of the more expensive, branded boxes, these are VERY wallet friendly boxes that do exactly what you need them to do. And the artwork rocks as well!


There isn’t a lot to say here. GameGenic sleeves are second to none, and long before I was provided review products by this company, I was using their sleeves in my games. I love the Star Wars specific sleeves they released for Star Wars: Unlimited, and I’m happy to be using them still. Sometimes I find that themed sleeves lack a bit of quality, but that isn’t the case here. These are definitely worth getting!

And there you go, all the different products that GameGenic sent over for us to review. If we do ever get access to the more expensive deck and token boxes, we will publish reviews of those as well, but rest assured everything we talked about here is fantastic, and worth getting if you are going to invest in this product long term!



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