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The Quest Kids: Giant Adventure coming to Kickstarter

Over the past few years, I’ve recognized the importance of networking within the board game community, and most of that networking happens virtually. While I’ve not been given many opportunities through that group, one came up last week that I am REALLY excited about. First, however, let me wax poetic about the struggles of finding good kids board games to play!

Kids Aren’t Smart Enough
For a long time, we have basically been force fed that kids are not smart enough to play games with a bit of complexity to them. For generations, parents have been stuck playing Monopoly Jr., Candy Land, The Game of Life, and so on. Within the past half decade, however, people seem to have wised up and begun to think, “Perhaps kids can play more complex games?” While the options are still few and far between it seems, there are a number of great options for kids.
We have a few personal favourites, highlighted by the recently release My Lil Everdell. Add to that My Little Scythe from Stonemaier Games, and Paleolithic and Ocean Crisis, and we have begun to build a pretty great collection of games that are not only fun for my kids, but for my wife and I as well. Still, we are ALWAYS looking for more, and more dropped into my lap last week.
Kickstarters a Plenty
I’ve backed a number of Kickstarter and Gamefound projects over the last little while, some of which you will see reviews for this year (Wild Assent, Zoo Tycoon). A publisher and developer reached out on Facebook last week to see if anyone would want to review a game he had on Kickstarter a while ago called The Kids Quest. Not only was the base game up for offer, but expansions as well. We will talk about this more in depth after the products have arrived and we have had a chance to play, but rest assured it’s going to be another game you want to add to your collection.
The real purpose of this article is to highlight the project he has coming next! In just a few months, a brand new kids board game experience is landing on Kickstarter, but this time around everything has been supersized to provide maximum fun. Here is a bit of a blurb I recieved regarding this project:
“The Quest Kids: Giant Adventure is a LIFE-SIZED fantasy game experience for kids 5+ that is headed to Kickstarter on March 7, 2023! Using 36 giant cardboard tiles players will create a dungeon in their own home and act as the game pieces as they search for treasure, silly bad guys and stars. Featuring the same award-winning mechanics as The Quest Kids board game, but in a new one-of-a-kind immersive experience.”
We will keep you up to date as this project unfolds, and hopefully we might have a chance to preview it for you. Until then, be sure to see how you can get your own copy of The Quest Kids – our review will be live soon!

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