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Mythwind | The Farmer | First Impressions

The second Mythwind dropped on my table I began creating content for it, and I don’t regret it for a single minute. While not everything is perfect in Mythwind town, the overall experience has been incredibly positive, giving me that “just one more day” feeling I always had when playing Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

Mythwind, mechanically, is really strong, but with each character playing differently, we thought we would give our first impressions of each, with a full review after playing more! Let’s take a look at The Farmer!

If you read our unboxing and components review article  you’ll know that I think the miniatures for all the characters are absolutely phenomenal. On The Farmer, I love the details all over the figure, from the gloves in the hand to the beard, the tool in his back pocket, and more. Open Owl Studios really could have used a much less detailed figure, but they went all out and it is very impressive.

The Farmer tray is easy to use, although when punching the board I think there was just a bit too few spaces to put the various crop tiles. I think they mean for you to lave the crop tiles in the green bag between games, but then I found there were issues trying to fit everything nicely back into the box. Ultimately, I figured it out by putting crop tiles here, there, and everywhere, but a little more space somewhere would have been nice.

The other small issue I found with this tray was that the polyomino style pieces don’t always fit nicely together when placed on the tray. It only happened a few times with a few pieces, and I’m not sure if it is just my copy, or if this is a universal problem. For the record, I haven’t seen anyone else have this complaint, so my situation could be isolated.

After that, however, everything makes a lot of sense. I love having dedicated spots for my livestock and equipment, and both of these items make playing The Farmer so much fun. For many, the basic plant-and-harvest mechanic of The Farmer might seem a bit boring – however, once you mix in livestock and equipment, the possibilities are endless. I had a ton of fun thinking through how I wanted to maximize my space and efficiency to make the most money possible, and it was a really think, fun puzzle. Sure, Mythwind has no end, but that doesn’t mean it’s void of hard and strategic decisions.

While the consequences of those decisions don’t seem to matter much, I always worked at making my character – whether The Farmer or anyone else – as efficient as possible. Thankfully, the gameplay loop of The Farmer was really enjoyable, so working at my efficiency was fun, not taxing or stressful.

We will have more to say about The Farmer in a more detailed review in a little while, but hopefully this was enough to get you excited about The Farmer. He is a great character and really fun to play. And if you have a friend or family member not as versed in board games as you, his concepts are simple enough to be understood within a few rounds!


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