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What To Look For When Buying Ping Pong Tables

If the entire family is just first starting out on the whole ping pong thing it might come off a little bit inappropriate to purchase an expensive first range table at the first buy. If the sport had just recently sparked the interest of a certain family member, you might be keen on getting your hands on the finest one available in the market so they can have the best experience. But this interest does not guarantee that they will stick to the sport as it might turn out to be just a phase of table tennis fever.


We all know how children are; they change their minds every second of the day. Hence, you will never really know how long this engrossment with the sport will last. Purchasing a high priced table can be a great waste especially if it will be only utilized for a couple of days. Therefore, this is not the most practical way to go for people who are just starting out their journey in tennis. But if the little creatures are a little persistent in bugging you about getting one as they really want to try the sport out, you can always buy low range sets for them to begin practicing on.

At least with this, you’re not actually spending a huge amount of cash, and it will give the kids a few days to decide if they really fancy the game or it was just another episode of trial and error. In cases where the whole family has been really fond of playing that it became a perpetual outlet this is the time you might actually consider investing in middle-class ones since at this point the first purchased set will most likely be worn out. But here’s why ping pong is good for your child’s developing brain:

High Quality

When you reach this point, where you’re already shopping for a high-quality equipment, you already know that the ping pong table will be utilized to its full extent. But keep in mind not to go for the lavish first-class ones out of extreme excitement, unless of course, someone in the family is really serious in the game. For gears such as these are more suitable for people who thrive at the sport and are participating in tournaments. But if it’s just a side hobby for the family, a middle-range table is already suitable and great

First off, as humans of the society who constantly have to work their ass off every single day, putting that hard work acquiring money, it is in all reality quite difficult to let go of that hard-earned cash. I mean you basically spent a month obtaining that salary and in just a blink of an eye, you already burned it all off. That’s why it’s so easy to get trapped in the idea of buying cheaper products in hopes of getting more out of your buck. It’s always a practical move to settle on products that are way cheaper than what is really set on the market.

We as consumers always have this mentality that getting a product at a cheaper price tag that’s almost similar to a product that comes in an expensive tag is a big steal on our part. But this doesn’t always apply especially if you’re for products that are high quality. Because let’s face it the whole “You get what you paid for” concept is actually applied to everything. But on a different note, I don’t mean that anything expensive is a good product, sometimes it’s just fancy advertising.

What you need to do is do your research on what is good and what is not. If you’re looking for the best, it’s no surprise you really do need to invest money. But be careful in the process of choosing one though, you can never really tell just by the manufacturer’s claims. One feature to look out for the thickness of the table for this affects the quality of the bounce of the ball.


Usually, people would opt for tables that are normally in the range if 1 inch. Another feature is the legs; make sure that it has a strong set of legs to carry the general weight of the whole table. This increases the overall performance, as sturdy legs make sure the table doesn’t move in any direction as you play. All in all, always make sure you’re paying for high-quality tables; this eliminates the process of buying another table in the coming years which typically saves you a large amount of cash in the long run.

Nicely Compact

One vital feature to look out for when you’re in the process of buying the best ping pong table is its compactness. If your family has wanted to purchase one but is constantly debating to get one or not because you don’t have the space necessary in your house to devote to a big one, you can always opt for ping pong tables that are storage-friendly.

There are dozens of brands that thought about how much space one table can eat up, which makes the whole appeal of ping pong irrelevant for people with small spaces. That’s why they have come up with tables that are foldable. And most of these models also have wheels attached to them making it easier to move around without actually carrying the whole thing, because ping pong tables can be quite heavy.

But if the concept of wheels is concerning you, thinking it might affect the experience of the product, you don’t have to worry one bit for the wheels come with brakes that can be locked when it’s used. You don’t need to keep putting it back to place when playing. Check out other tips here.

If your current living situation does not allow you to spare a large portion of space for a permanent ping pong set to sit on, consider buying retractable ones.


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