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More Thoughts From Me #100: A Glimpse Into the Future

Welcome to More Thoughts From Me #9000. Thanks for reading my column this long. Adam Roffel just got me out of the cryo unit last week and now I’m update to date on whats going on with Nintendo! Oh my god. Can you believe this new system they’ve announced?


Last week, Nintendo announced their newest system: the Nintendo Freeze-1000. This time the chip goes right into your Arm unit and then you plug the Arm right into your brain. Forget about Sony’s Eye or Microsoft Xbox 10 (which doesn’t make sense because of the Xbox 1-10. Whatever). Instead, you’ll need Nintendo Freeze-1000 plugged into your brain.

Look, I was skeptical back when brain tap technology was introduced too. I didn’t want to let my Nintendo Switch eye-wear go either. However, Nintendo is absolutely got something with the new brain tap techology. Adam was able to send me a unit via teleporter and I tried it out. Wow!

The first game I played was Super Mario Bros. This is a complete remake of the first Super Mario Bros but this time you are Mario. Its a very strange feeling at first being inside of a Mario Bros game, especially one as classic as this game. Nintendo has faithfully recreated the NES 8-bit graphics inside of your mind. Jumping is as easy as thinking about jumping and shooting a fireball…well…you’re just lucky that you don’t have burns on your hands after you get done playing this game! Thank god that Nintendo places the safety of the gamer first. Remember Sega’s failed Genesis Rebirth? How many people died again?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with Super Mario Bros. It wasn’t the best game though. To me, the best game I played with the Freeze-1000 was The Legend of Zelda: Fire of the Dragon.

Yes, I know many people were critical of the Fire of the Dragon title. They didn’t think it was “Zelda” enough. When you play the game though, you won’t worry about what its called. Instead, for the first time ever, you are actually Link. Forget about Nintendo’s failed VR title. That was a cool game but with Fire of the Dragon, you are looking through Link’s eyes. A first person Zelda game you say? Yes and no.

Its hard to describe how the new Zelda game works. Instead, push on the invisible link below and try the game for yourself. Its amazing!


Did you try it?! Believe me now?! Nintendo’s brain tap technology is fantastic. I love that you can try demos without the system. Nintendo really thought out this advertising campaign. Oh and look out for a very special demo of Splatoon Ultra during your next Nintendo Dream. I think you will all love that game.

I plan to have a review of the Nintendo Freeze-1000 and the games mentioned above soon.

I’ll see you next week. Maybe. We’ll have to check with the cryo unit and see if I can wake up again then. You can check out my Dream blog once a month though. As always, this is Daniel Fugate. Thank you for reading More Thoughts From Me and visiting!

Next time: The End of Final Fantasy?! Square Enix says yes but I doubt it. Remember when they did that Final Fantasy 1 remake and said that was going to be their last FF game?! I’ll give you all my thoughts next time on this matter.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. Adam says I’m a grouchy old man and should stop writing this column. Is he wrong?!

(next week for real: Stardew Valley)


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