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Ring Fit Adventure First Impressions

Workout games have always been hit or miss, but somehow Nintendo is always at the top when it comes to making something exhausting, fun. Whether it was the original Wii Fit, or their latest boxing game, Nintendo has a knack for creating fun, yet demanding, fitness games that are appropriate for the entire family.


Ring Fit Adventure is the most ambitious project yet from the video game giant, but also the safest in my opinion. Who doesn’t love an action adventure game where you can level up your character, get potions, and so much more! Let’s take an early look at Ring Fit Adventure!

Nintendo has done a fantastic job of creating short bursts of exercise in a fun, adventure package. In Ring Fit Adventure, you will control the hero of the game as he or she moves through a number of linear levels. Walking or Running in place will get your character moving through the level, squatting will allow you to jump, and twisting your body while holding the ring will allow you to suck up coins, and much more.
The peripherals included in Ring Fit Adventure are fantastic, and of a fairly high quality. While I was initially worried that the leg band wouldn’t be large enough for my giant upper legs, I was pleasantly surprised when it fit easily, and comfortably. The ring is also incredibly durable, although I wonder how much the tension will lessen the more I use the device. Only time will tell.
When playing, you will eventually run into enemies of varying colour types, which require a specific type of exercise to defeat. Doing multiple reps of an exercise will slowly do damage to the enemy on screen, eventually knocking them out and allowing you to continue with your workout and game. With only a few battles per workout session, it’s enough to get you sweating, but not too much to make you quit from exhaustion. Nintendo has nailed that balance perfectly.
My early time with Ring Fit Adventure has been great, and I cannot wait to do more! Stay tuned for future articles!


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