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New Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Trailer

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be coming out in March next year. That doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t endlessly tease the game though! During The Game Awards last night, a new trailer was shown for the game. We have the trailer and my thoughts on it below.

The new Breath of the Wild trailer is amazing! We’ve seen so much footage of the new Zelda game so far. I’m sure there are some people who think there is nothing left to see. However, the trailer from last night proved them wrong. As we saw at E3 this year, the world of Breath of the Wild is huge. Last night’s trailer gave us a glimpse of some things we hadn’t seen yet.

First of all, there is a mysterious woman shown a couple of times in the trailer. We do not see her face. Many are speculating that this is Zelda, which would make sense, but for the moment we do not know who she is. Perhaps she is a new character that Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal yet. We’ll just have to wait awhile longer to find out!

Also seen in the trailer was our first glimpse of a town in Breath of the Wild. Previous footage of the game hadn’t shown any towns. Nintendo had let everyone know there would be towns in the game, but they weren’t ready to show them yet. Our first glimpse last night showed a small town that look very lived in. Gardens and decorations were everywhere. The houses were hut like. The town looked different from previous Zelda games, but also a bit familiar.

We also saw small glimpses of other new things for Breath of the Wild: a dog was shown in the game, a new flying creature, and what looked like an airship. We had a big look at horse riding too!

The new footage makes me want this game even more. But if that new footage isn’t enough for you, check out this extra Let’s Play that was released last night too! It showcases a new area and a tiny bit of a new dungeon. Its fantastic:

What is your favorite thing revealed in these two new videos?



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