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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: The Game Awards 2022 Rocked

Last night, The Game Awards 2022 aired! And…they were interesting! And good. I enjoyed most of it. Full disclosure, I had to stop watching a little bit early but I caught up on most of what I missed this morning. The Game Awards absolutely rocked. Let’s talk about it!


The Game Awards 2022 aired last night. I wasn’t expecting much at all to be honest. And guess what: the Game Awards were actually good!

Full disclosure though, I missed most of the end of the show. I caught up on some of this morning. I saw the Final Fantasy 16 trailer and the Crash trailer. I saw most of the Awards show and enjoyed it.

The game that absolutely sticks out the most for me is the upcoming Hellboy game. I was shocked to see Hellboy getting a game and it looked fantastic. I read this morning that Lance Reddick (Fringe) will voice Hellboy! Thats just awesome. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

Other cool announcements included the Bayonetta spinoff game, Fire Emblem Engage DLC, Viewfinder (PS5), and…oh my. Dead Cells is getting a Castlevania crossover!

I was so surprised that Nintendo had announcements this year at the Game Awards. That was so cool.

I also really enjoyed the clip of the Super Mario Bros. movie. I loved all the remixed music and Mario walking through the town and making his way to Peach’s castle. The Mario movie looks so great. I can’t wait to see it!

It was also great that Nintendo won so many awards. Splatoon 3, Kirby and the Forgotten Kingdom, Bayonetta 3, and Mario and Rabbids: Sparks of Hope all won awards. It was a great night for Nintendo!

Actually, it was a great night for all gamers. The Game Awards was still too long but at least game music was played, lots of cool games were shown, and it felt like a real celebration of games. Also, we all thought God of War would win Game of the Year but it was Elden Ring. Whoa.

Overall, this was the best Game Awards in years. Maybe ever. It was a joy to watch.

Did you enjoy the Game Awards? What was your favorite moment?


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