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Last Minute Nintendo Switch Game Gift Ideas: Ben 10, Party Planet, and more!

Most parents have probably finished up all their Christmas shopping with only a couple days to spare, but there are still a number of quick gifts parents can get their kids on the Nintendo Switch. We’ve been plowing through a few of 2017’s latest releases, and while we won’t have full reviews on them for a while, want you to be aware of them none-the-less. Right now, lets take a look at Ben 10 and Party Planet!

Party Planet


Party Games on the Nintendo Switch are currently few and far between, almost exclusively limited to Snipperclips and 1-2-Switch. Titles like Mario Kart don’t make my list of ‘party’ games, although they are great to play when friends are around. Party Planet is a huge collection of mini games, some of which are outstanding, and others that are not. But the overall package is pretty impressive, packed full of easy to learn, easy to master games that will engage the competitive side of any player.

Everything in Party Planet is laid out really well. When selecting your mini game, for example, you will be given all the details about that game in the top left hand corner, even prior to brining up the games screen. The detailed information includes how many people can play it, the goal of the game, as well as the controls. Picking which game you want to play has never been easier in a party setting, and having all of this information right on the main menu, without having to do numerous screen jumps, is an impressive and welcomed game mechanic!

Certain games will be locked until you rank yourself up playing the other titles, but I didn’t find getting everything done took too long, which is great if your goal is to play this with others. While there is a single player campaign, Party Planet is best in a party setting, with lots of people around to drop in and drop out. Like I said earlier, nothing here is overly complex, so these games can be great fun for all ages.

If you are planning on having a party this holiday season, and want a few extra games to play with friends, we highly recommend Party Planet! 8.0/10!

Ben 10

Ben 10 has been around for a long time, and anyone young enough to have experienced it themselves, or old enough with young kids, will have some familiarity with the franchise. Ben 10 on the Nintendo Switch is based on the 2016 Ben 10 remake TV show, and draws a lot of inspiration from that for this story, as well as the overall look of the game. While this game didn’t do anything for me, my 8 year old son is having a blast with it, and cannot put it down!

What cannot be overstated here is how good the cell shaded Cartoon Network graphics look. From beginning to end, Ben 10 on the Nintendo Switch looks fantastic, from the muted animations to the crazy moments you inevitably¬† will find yourself in. Ben can swap between his human form and alien form with the simple click of a button once you’ve brought up a circular wheel, and while all the aliens you can form into handle pretty much the same, they all have a unique characteristic that will help in certain situations. Even for my nine year old, figuring out which alien to use when was never a real issue, and progress through the game for him was challenging, but doable.

For that young boy or girl n the home, Ben 10 provides a challenging, yet exhilarating experience. If not for video game time limits in my home, my son would likely be finished this game by now. If you are still looking for a last minute gift, you cannot go wrong with Ben 10! 8.0/10!



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