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Dragon Quest VIII Character Trailers

Nintendo of America posted two new Dragon Quest VIII trailers to youtube today. These two trailers are character trailers. The first one focuses on a character called Red and the second on a character named Morrie!


Dragon Quest VIII is coming to the 3DS on January 20th, 2017. Nintendo has been hyping up the game by posting information online and new trailers on youtube. Today, we got two new trailers focused on characters. One of the characters, Red, seems a bit like a thief type of character, meanwhile Morrie is a bit more flamboyant and owns the Monster Arena in the game.

Of the two characters, I really like Morrie’s attacks more. His boomerang and monster attacks especially look cool. Though, I have to say, Red is the better designed character of the two.

Take a look at the two trailers and let us know which character you like more:




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