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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time First Impressions

Yesterday, the first paid DLC for Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time, came out. I’ve been playing it on the Nintendo Switch and here are my first impressions.


I’ve been asked a couple of times now by people: “Is the Disney Dreamlight Valley paid DLC worth the money?” I’ll answer that question at the end of this first impressions. Let’s talk about A Rift in Time first.

A Rift In Time is the first paid DLC for Disney Dreamlight Valley. The dlc offers a huge new island to explore, three new characters, a new tool, and the promise of future content in the Spring and Summer. Yesterday I started playing it and so far…

I’m absolutely hooked by A Rift in Time. The new island is amazing! I haven’t seen it all yet but its very different from the Valley while also still feeling very much like the same game. The neatest part so far is the little hidden areas to find. I also love the brand new tool.

What is the new tool? The new tool is a time bending staff that gets rid of these weird new sand rifts, fixes things that are broken by time, and most exciting of all: you can find hidden treasure with it! When you have the staff equipped, you press the Y button to find treasure. Its a bit like a game of hide and seek with a general direction. Once you find the treasure, you press A (or you can also press Y) quickly to get the treasure. The mini-game can feel a little tough at times, but its also really exciting because you never know what you’ll get. Sometimes its just junk and other times its stuff that you can use to build new things.


Yes, crafting is an important part of A Rift in Time and there are new objects to craft and you can even upgrade your time bending staff too. There are new things to cook too.

Of course the new island also has new characters with it. I’ve met two of the characters so far and it probably won’t be too long before I meet the third. Each of these characters offer new quests and new friendship rewards. Aside from those three characters, you’ll also meet Jafar who needs your help. Yeah. I’m not trusting him and I assume he’s up to no good!

Oh and there’s one more thing I want to mention. A brand new board game is available from the Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC too. Its a lot of fun. I’m not very good at it, but its fun.


Overall, I’m enjoying A Rift in Time a lot. And I’m excited that more characters and story are coming in the Spring and Summer. What’s available for this DLC right now is only part 1. Part 2 and Part 3 are part of the DLC and not a separate purchase. So! What do I think? Is this DLC worth the money?

My answer is yes, especially if you love the main game and you want even more of that plus plenty of new content. This DLC is huge and I haven’t even told you everything about it. There’s so much to do and see. Plus! The free update came out so there’s that and the paid content. Its an amazing time to be a fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Stay tuned to for even more on this DLC and future content for Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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