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The Development of Online Games

The earliest online games were nothing more than text on the screen. This was before the Internet, when we had bulletin boards. You would use a modem and your home phone line to dial the hosts computer. Naturally with the progression of technology, online games have come a long way.

Massive multiplayer games have been made possible by faster computers. Now it’s common for thousands of players to be online at the same time. And as perhaps should be expected, gambling has become one of the biggest industries on the Internet today. But when you think of gambling games, you’d properly think of the typical blackjack, roulette and so on. The majority of online gambling casinos require a license to operate. That is unless real money is not being wagered. And in many jurisdictions, bitcoin is not considered legitimate money. For this reason, online games have spawned where bitcoins are wagered instead of real money.


I’m not just talking about the typical casino games. There are now competitions with a large element of chance, which enable the wager of bitcoins. There now exists various multiplayer games where players compete against each other to win a pool of funds. Although the funds in this case are bitcoins. Is this gambling? It depends on the jurisdiction in question. But a typical law allows prize money to be offered in games of skill. There are many others sites like this free casino roulette game which doesn’t involve real money, but uses a database of past spins. If roulette and related casino games are more your thing, this roulette tips and secrets page can help you win.

Of course games like first person shooters at first appear to be games of skill. However, a growing trend in these underground games is that the game itself is rigged. Put simply, particular players may be given an unfair advantage over others. And the players with advantages are often the owners of the scheme. So really it’s just a clever scam. For now, these types of games are mostly underground, and they are quite hard to find.

It isn’t the only case of fraud involving computer games. In fact many online casinos use rigged random number generators, which are random at all. In fact the winning numbers for games like roulette are often selected based on bets made by players. Some online casinos offer free games that allow players to get a taste of the games being offered. The catch is the play for fun games are read to ensure you win. But when you start betting for real, the real odds take effect and you are guaranteed to lose. For this reason, never test a gambling strategy with software provided by a casino. There is perhaps one genuinely fair and free roulette game online, which doesn’t run ads or ask for money. If roulette is your game, take the time to read the rules of the game so you can match the odds and payouts of any game, to ensure any results are consistent and fair.


If you are a particularly good at a type of game, such as first person shooters, it may be appealing to join a competition where you put your money where your mouth is. Perhaps you may enter money into a pool where the winner takes all. Many people expect these kinds of games to become commonplace. But be very careful about where you send your money. As explained earlier, the so-called games of skill are no longer as such when the owners give unfair advantages to their own players. Essentially it is a form of gambling but with the illusion that you are in control. Particular groups of criminals have favoured these type of online games because they sidestep laws. And there is no doubting the online gaming community is huge.


It is important to understand that every website owner that asks for money wants you to believe you are getting a fair deal. Even rogue online casinos that offer various gambling games will use terms such as provably fair, and certified. And to unsuspecting players, the claim seem reputable. But with further inspection, you may find that the reassuring terms are meaningless and not backed by any government authority. And if it is backed by a government authority, we’re talking about a government in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is why you will find many online casinos and shady websites are operated from obscure and small countries you may not have even heard of.

Before you play any game online involving real money, take the time to thoroughly research the reputation of the website. Ignore any claims on the website itself, because anything can be said, without any justification. Do not believe the first few claims you read on Google, because any website operator or scammer can post false positive reviews about themselves and their games. In fact it is quite common for scammers to do this. What scammers and not do is completely stop or negative feedback. So if a game is designed to cheat players, you are bound to find out with proper research. And of course a scam game is likely to change the domain name for the website, so never trust a new game and website.


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