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Broken Universe Tower Defense

Broken Universe Tower Defense is what it sounds like: a tower defense game. Add in a raccoon and you get a cartoon-y tower defense game for the Xbox Series. Is it any good?


Broken Universe Tower Defense features a racoon who trying to fix a broken universe. The story is quick and okay, but once the game gets going, it doesn’t really matter. The tower defense gameplay is the focus here. There are a lot of levels and different objects that can used to defeat the enemy. The gameplay is pretty basic overall, if you’ve ever played a Tower Defense game before then you’ll know what to expect. Its not great, though its not bad either.

Less impressive though is the game’s graphics. Broken Universe Tower Defense feels more like a mobile game than an Xbox Series game. Its not the graphics are bad, but the gameplay is better. Honestly, if you like tower defense games, you could do worse than this game.

Overall, Broken Universe Tower Defense is not a bad game. The controls work well, objects are fairly easy to place and the gameplay goes quick (especially when you push the speed up button). The graphics are fine. The game feels like a mobile experience but if you can get past that, you may find an enjoyable game.

We recommend Broken Universe Tower Defense for fans of the tower defense genre only.

A digital code was provided for this review. Broken Universe Tower Defense is out now for the Xbox Series.


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