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Video Games and Gambling – Same Fun, Same Problems, Different Stigmas

For many decades now, casinos around the world have been deemed an adults amusement park. As technology advanced, casino attendance has slowly decreased because of the rise of online gambling options; frankly, we are talking about online video game websites that use real money for plays.

Like when kids begin looking online for games to play, finding a reputable gambling website online that is free of viruses and malware can be extremely difficult.Thankfully for adults, there are casino guide websites to point you too some of the best sites available on the web.

Guides in the video game world are nothing new. Back in the days when print magazines were incredibly popular – namely Nintendo Power, PS Magazine, and the Official Xbox Magazine – and acted as guides for consumers on a number of different factors, including ESRB / PEGI ratings, price, and even in some occasions, what retailors would offer them the best prices.

Casino gambling guides are now providing a very similar function, breaking down which sites carry what games, and what sites might have the things you want to do. Gone are the days of the gambling machines being the only option; everything is digital now.


The inclusion of casino websites have really shown me how similar the gambling world and the video game world really are. Both are forms of entertainment, both presumably will cost you money – and in the case of free to play titles, it can be never ending – and both have made a huge transition to the online marketplace. The biggest similarity, however, comes from the media end of things: reviews, guides, and general information.

Sites like IGN exist because consumers want to read about games, be immersed in the experience, and to decide what they want to actually spend their time –and money – on. The same can be said for gambling guide websites. They serve a similar function, to educate potential consumers on the products they are about to purchase, complete with rating scales. This strong online community has played a huge role in allowing video game consumers to play without too many negative stigmas attached.

Despite the similarities between online casino gambling and video games, the stigmas are different. Online gambling often has a bad name, and that really shouldn’t be the case. Like video games, it can be a source of great entertainment for some. Although we often discuss the potential problems with gambling – that it can lead to addiction – we rarely discuss the potential issues with excessive video game playing. The reality is, that outside of the “violent video games lead to violent behavior” story line, there are not a lot of people condemning video games for the correct reasons, and it is closer to gambling than you would think.


Financial issues, and lack of time for what is important. Both casino gambling and video games should be painted with this negative brush, but only one ever is. I have seen people waste tons of time playing video games, and pour an unhealthy amount of resources into their entertainment choice that should be diverted elsewhere. If you can’t see the parallels, I’m not sure where you are looking.

It’s plain to me that video games, and the culture around it, does not differ much from the gambling community. They use similar tactics, have similar entertainment values for their consumers, and share many of the same problems. It is sad to see one highlighted much more frequently than another.


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