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Top 5 Famous Computer Games

This is a subjective topic, as everyone’s gaming interests vary. For example, you may exclusively enjoy playing sports or FPS games, which means a lot of the games on this list may not cater to your gaming needs. However, here’s a list of famous computer games.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) was released on November 23rd 2004 and is still popular to this day. While subscription numbers are down when compared to several years ago, there are still millions of people around the world playing this MMORPG.

Blizzard released the first Warcraft game (Warcraft: Orcs and Humans) way back in 1994. They released three Warcraft games in ten years before launching WoW. You can start playing WoW today with the new expansion (Return to Karazhan) recently releasing.


The Sims Series

Who can remember playing The Sims growing up? Building houses was incredibly fun and the newest game (The Sims 4) offers plenty of other ways to entertain yourself, including offering persistent worlds and neighborhoods.

The Sims release lots of expansions for every game, which can actually become a bit annoying and costly. However, the business model has worked since The Sims 1 was first released on February 4th 2000 and millions of fans have enjoyed playing The Sims ever since.

I still remember using the unlimited money cheat in The Sims, which was the equivalent of winning the Lotto USA Powerball. I had so much cash that I was able to build the biggest mansions and fill them up with anything I wanted.

Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 1 was released back in 1999 on the PC and consoles. While I have played more GTA on PlayStation over the years, there’s no denying how famous this series has become. GTA5 is the latest installment in the series and was released back in 2013.

What’s more fun than racing around an open world while making money and taking out anyone in your way? Sure, the game is definitely violent, but millions of PC gamers have enjoyed playing GTA for almost twenty years now.


Civilization Series

Even if you have never played Civilization, you’ve likely heard of the series. Released in 1991, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that’s developed by Sid Meier. Civilization VI is the latest main title in the series and it was just released last month (October 2016).

While there aren’t as many people enjoying turn-based games as there used to be, Civilization remains a popular series to this day. If you enjoy a deep strategic experience than you won’t find a better game series than Civilization.



Can you believe Minecraft was only released on November 18th 2011? It seems like Minecraft has been around forever. Microsoft now owns the game after purchasing Mojang and Minecraft’s intellectual property for $2.5 billion.

Minecraft is one of the first sandbox games and it remains extremely popular today. Over 100 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide and over 40 million players play Minecraft actively largely in part to the active modding community.


There have been countless other famous computer games, but I couldn’t list them all. Some of my favorites include Runescape and the Call of Duty series. I’ve spent more time than I even want to know playing both of these games growing up.

What were/are your favorite computer games that may or may not have as much fame as the computer games above? Sound off in our comments section and let us know the famous computer games you remember playing.


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