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Tips that will Help you to Get Way Better At FIFA

If you are sick and tired of being beaten by your friends at FIFA, then you will know how frustrating this can be. You may feel as though nothing you do works and that you are doomed to face a lifetime of defeat. This is not always the case, in fact, there a couple of things that you can do to try and improve your game.

Strafe Dribbling

One of the new additions for the FIFA game is that they have put an emphasis on one-on-one. If you are an attacking player then you have way more options of getting around your defenders thanks to the Strafe Dribbling Mechanic. If you want to do this, then all you need to do is hold down L1. This will give you the chance to keep the ball under control. When you have done this, you then need to hold down R1 and RB. If you do this at the same time you will then be able to lock into the direction that the other player is facing. Strafe dribbling is super good when you are pulling the ball back and it will also help you to lure out defenders too. This will give you way more space and it will make it easier for you to get goals too. If you want to learn more about the game of football so you can become better at FIFA then the Sportez site is great. You can even lookup champions league scores if you want to see where your favourite teams are on the board.


Timed Finishing

Timed finishing is now back for FIFA 20. It has been completely rebalanced though so now it is much harder for you to pull it all off. If you are able to nail this however then you will almost certainly be rewarded. Your shots will be way more consistent for FIFA 20 and you will be given more consistent shots and surely more goals. It’s worth spending time in practice modes or even kick-off games so you can get used to this, especially as now you can time your shots when you take a free-kick.

Counter Attack

Pacing is back more than ever in the few FIFA and defenders now need to work hard to try and keep the pace. This is a super effective tool in the world of FIFA and it has made everything that bit more lethal in general. If you want to excel at playing the game, then you have to make sure that you look into utilising this.

Jockey More

Another change that you need to get used to is the fact that players cannot rely on the AI alone to get them to defend safely. You have to take control and you also have to fully outsmart your opponent if you want to win the ball back. This is much easier said than done but you need to stop relying on X. You need to jockey with LT instead. You can hold down RT at the same time if you want to fast jockey instead as this can often be much more effective.


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