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More Thoughts From Me #42: My Dream Nintendo Switch Games

Gamers are┬ástill thinking about the Nintendo Switch. The trailer that Nintendo did back in October revealed the system to the world and now we all eagerly await more information. We won’t find out more information about the system until January though! So, until then, all we can do is listen to more rumors, speculate on whats real, and express to the world (and Nintendo) what we hope the system will be and what games we’ll find on it. Today, I want to talk about the games that I hope come to the Nintendo Switch.


In my last More Thoughts, I talked about Nintendo’s big Animal Crossing New Leaf Direct/update. So it should come as no surprise that Animal Crossing is on the following list. Hopefully a few of these games will surprise you. Let’s get to my list and why I hope these games come to the Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing

Let’s start with the obvious game. I was very disappointed that Animal Crossing didn’t come to the Wii U. I thought the system would have been perfect for an Animal Crossing. However, I also think that the Nintendo Switch would be a good choice too. There are people who believe that Animal Crossing is better on a portable, while there are others who believe its better on a console! Personally, I like it on portables AND consoles.

This time, we’d get it for both. Imagine starting to play Animal Crossing right before bed time, but then its time to go to bed and so, instead of just saving your game and quitting, you can take the Switch to bed with you. Its late night bug hunting time! Also, if you are playing Animal Crossing at home and then you have to go somewhere, you can just take your town with you. Animal Crossing on the go is great, but I want to see Animal Crossing in HD too. The Nintendo Switch gives us the best of both worlds. And while I don’t think Animal Crossing will come at the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I do hope it’ll come to the system sooner or later. I also hope that Nintendo will take their time and make the next Animal Crossing just as great as New Leaf!

Tomodachi Life

This game is not an obvious choice for the Nintendo Switch. There has only been one Tomodachi Life so far, on the 3DS, and the game has never been on a console before. I really love this game’s humor and just plain weirdness though. I think Tomodachi Life could be bigger and better on Nintendo Switch too. It would be interesting to see how the Tomodachi Miis look in HD and to give the Miis three dimensional areas to run around in. You can never have enough sims on a system as far as I’m concened and Tomodachi Life would add a wonderful bit on weirdness to the console.

Final Fantasy 7/Final Fantasy 15

I know it may be a longshot, but I’m hoping that Square Enix will bring Final Fantasy back to Nintendo. I’d love to see the Final Fantasy 7 remake end up on the Nintendo Switch and I’d also like to see Final Fantasy 15 on the system. Can you imagine being able to play those games on the TV and on the go?! I think that would be pretty amazing.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 2

I thought Captain Toad was a great Wii U game. I loved all of the puzzles and the graphics were very good too. I’d like to see Nintendo bring back Captain Toad and give us more things to do. The title could still be a puzzle game, but it would be great to see Captain Toad go through dungeons, Indiana Jones style. Basically, I’m thinking more of an Uncharted meets Captain Toad experiance. Captain Toad definitly needs to have his own franchise!

Bioshock Collection

Another longshot, but I loved the first Bioshock and think it would be a fantastic experiance on the Nintendo Switch. And I would like to replay the second game too! Oh and I’ve never played Bioshock Infinite. Yes, I think its time that third parties bring games like this to Nintendo! Would you kindly bring this collection to the Nintendo Switch 2K Games?


I miss the Burnout franchise. I’ve never been a big fan of car racing games, but I loved the Burnout games. EA needs to do a new Burnout for the Nintendo Switch. I hope its more like the older Burnouts too. I think a Nintendo Switch Burnout needs to be more straight forward and less like Burnout Paradise. Think Burnout Takedown or Burnout Revenage. I also want to see that Crash mode return too. Every system needs a great arcade racer. The Burnout series was always one of the best.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

There is a rumor that this game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. I usually do not believe rumors. I didn’t believe any of the Nintendo Switch rumors and we all know how that turned out! But this is a rumor that I hope is true. I’d love to play Beyond Good and Evil 2. I thought the first game was great and it was awesome on the Nintendo Gamecube. This franchise needs to return. I also hope that Nintendo is partially funding this game! I want to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. If Ubisoft is funding this one themselves, they’ll either make it exclusive at launch and later port it or port it right away. The Switch deserves to have awesome exclusives!

I’m sure I could think up more games I want to see on the Nintendo Switch, but those games are the main ones I want. Sure, a lot of them are long shots. I think the most likely game we’ll see on the Switch is Animal Crossing! The least likely is Burnout (sigh) since EA seems to have abandoned that franchise. And I will try to not get my hopes up too high for Beyond Good and Evil 2 or Final Fantasy 7/15. Your guess is as good as mine if we’ll see more from Captain Toad or Tomodachi Life…

I do have high hopes for the Nintendo Switch though. I hope Nintendo has learned from the Wii U and will make sure that the Nintendo Switch is better advertised and hopefully they’ll hold onto the third party developers longer. I’d love to see the Nintendo Switch be a system that every gamer needs! I think with Nintendo games and third party games it will be. Of course, I thought the Wii U would do well too…

What games do you hope to see on the Nintendo Switch? Please post your wish lists in the comments below!

Next week: We don’t really need a new Mario game. Look, I think Mario is great but…how do you top Super Mario Maker?! I’ll talk about Super Mario Maker, 3D Mario games, and the next Mario game for Nintendo Switch. Can Mario move forward or is Nintendo just doing another Mario game because everybody expects it? I’ll talk about everything Mario on next weeks column.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Is it January yet?


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