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The Most Played Games In The World

Over the last few years, gaming has skyrocketed in popularity. In part, thanks to all of the tech developers have now, and in part to the public being able to access cheaper hardware to play the games on. Not only that, but gaming slid out of being something that ‘nerds’ did and made it safely into the mainstream with people like Henry Cavill sharing his rigs and the fact he games in interviews.

He didn’t start the switch for gaming to become massively popular, but he helped a much wider audience see it as acceptable.

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When it comes to gaming, though, there are hundreds and hundreds of games of all different genres, and from each of those genres, there are some that come out top time after time. Sometimes, it is because they are free-to-play; other times, it is because the storyline is gripping, and sometimes, like with a good game of blackjack, you can win some money for your efforts.

So, if you’re looking for a new game to try out – or you just really enjoy knowing which games are popular – here is the list for you!


It’s a card game with all of the fun characters that you can find in the Blizzard universe. What makes it great is that unlike many of the other Blizzard games, you can play it on your phone, a tablet, or on a PC. Meaning it is highly accessible. Hearthstone is free, but you can buy packs of cards with real cash or play well and build up your points. There are some exclusive cards that you can get by playing other Blizzard games and buying the expansions there, too.

If you like magic the gathering or have ever considered playing any type of card game, then Hearthstone is a great place to start.


CrossFire comes from Smilegate Entertainment and is a super fun, almost addictive first-person shooter that is free to play. Although CrossFire was released many years ago (all the way back in 2007), it has held a spot in the hearts of players since its release.

One of the biggest and coolest things about CrossFire is that you can play it across multiple devices, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

There are a few game modes to play; one of them is capturing the flag, another is search and destroy – and there is also a team deathmatch! You’ll need to choose either the Global Risk or Black List team to join. As you move through the games, you will gain experience, and as you do that, you’ll move up the ranks. CrossFire has a cool rating system, and since there are so many players, it is tough!

You can buy gear and weapons with either real cash or with the in-game currency; the choice is yours.

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Minecraft is one of the top 8 games streamed on Twitch and has thousands of videos and guides on YouTube. One of the things that makes Minecraft so much fun is that the game is pretty much whatever you make it. You can build, break, rebuild, explore, destroy, fight, protect, team up, and more.

Since there are no set objectives, your game time is yours to do whatever you want to do with it.

There are a couple of modes that you can play Minecraft in, including survival mode, adventure mode, and creative mode. Not to mention, there is a wide range of mods that you can get to change the game in hundreds of different ways. The Minecraft player base is huge, and that means there are plenty of guides online to help you achieve whatever you want. You can play Minecraft on a PC or a mobile device – meaning that no matter where you go – it can go with you.

There are microtransactions in the game, but for the most part, you can enjoy a low-cost game for a very long time.

League of Legends

LoL has been around as a MOBA since 2009, and it has had some serious upgrades since then. It is now one of the most played games online and has contributed to the enormous growth of eSports.

League of Legends has expanded far beyond initial expectations, and now there are professional LoL players who are making a lot of cash from winning high-paced, high-stress tournaments in front of thousands of viewers.

A regular game of LoL (with balanced oppositions) will last around 40 minutes, and the better you get, the higher the skill of the opposition will be. The longest game of LoL on record was between two of the world’s best players and lasted a huge 94 minutes!

During each match, you will gear up your character using XP and gold, and with the right gear and the right skill combo, you can take out your enemies fast and snowball them.

LoL is a lot about strategy and teamwork – with either of those things missing, you’re unlikely to take home a win.


PUBG has one of the strongest and largest fan bases around, and it isn’t hard to see why. It is more of a rumble, with 100 players thrown into a battleground and needing to fight to stay alive. You’ll need to get weapons and tools to help your cause, and all the time you’re looking, you’ll be hunted by other players.

PUBG lets you play how you like, so you can choose to play in a team or as a solo player, and you can play in the first or third person. One of the things that has people flocking to the game is that it promotes and encourages exploration in a large open-world setting, as well as the realistic equipment and weapons.

The most played games are usually picked up by thousands of players at once, and over time, the buzz catches on until they secure their legacy as some of the most played games of all time.

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