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The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny

The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny is a retro Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting game. If you liked the Neo Geo Pocket Color and this game, you’ll like this. If you don’t know what a Neo Geo Pocket Color is or you’re only vaguely familiar…well…here’s a review!


The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny is a retro Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting game. It has not been updated. Its graphics and gameplay are as they always have been. The game is presented via a border that looks like a Neo Geo Pocket Color!

The Neo Geo Pocket Color border can be changed and if the game is too small for you, it can be zoomed in on and the game still looks fine. There are some other options like rewinding that you may want to use too. The player can quit at any time and the game will stay where you left it.

Gameplay wise, The Last Blade uses only two buttons for fighting. It seems limited but there are some neat moves you can pull off. There are multiple modes, from story to survival to training and several fighters to choose from and some to unlock along with unlockable modes. Its all pretty simple, but if you have nostalgia for this type of game, you’ll enjoy it.

In fact, your enjoyment of this title will come down to how much nostalgia you have for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and this game. If you’ve never played it before, you may or may not like it. This reviewer thought the game was fine but nothing special.

It seems unfair to give this game a review score, so we won’t. The Last Blade is a game that fans of it already will enjoy and others might too but they might not. If you’ve never played the game before and you are interested, we recommend looking up a video on youtube first and looking at the screenshots on the eshop.

The Last Blade isn’t for everyone but it is nice to see retro games of every shape and size appear on the Nintendo Switch eshop.

A digital code was provided for this review. The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny is available now!


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