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Tengami is Worth Your My Nintendo Gold Points

Yesterday, Nintendo put some new Indie games on their United States My Nintendo rewards site. One of those games was Tengami for the Wii U. For 80 gold points, you can get Tengami for the Wii U and you absolutely should do that. I know, I know, you say you’re too busy playing your Switch to worry about a Wii U game. Just put that shiny new console aside for a moment and download this game!


I’ve been interested in Tengami for awhile now but never got around to buying and downloading the game. Tengami always seemed like one of those games I should download but never did because there was always another game.

Then, yesterday, My Nintendo added Tengami for the Wii U to its rewards catalog. I knew right away I was going to get it. I have tons of unused gold coins. Tengami was a must.

Ok, lets back up. You are probably wondering why I was so interested in Tengami. Why did this game stick in my mind even after the Nintendo Switch came out?

Tengami is a very unique game graphics wise (and turns out gameplay wise too). In this game, the environments are all made out of paper. Everything from the trees to the buildings to the very ground you walk on is paper. Even the main character looks like paper. Now, I know what your thinking: we’ve seen that before with the Paper Mario games, but Tengami is so very different from those games.

I don’t know if you, dear reader, have ever heard of Origami. It is the Japanese art of paper folding. People who can do this art can create really beautiful things such as roses and horses or things that are so much more complex than that.  Its a really wonderful art style. And Tengami is based on that.

In Tengami, the very world you explore is made of Origami. You can flip pieces of the environments or the whole thing to reveal a whole new area. The game is also based on Japanese culture too. What a beautiful game!  I have no idea if I’m describing this game right. Its just a wonder to behold though.

Take a look at this trailer for Tengami:

After I downloaded this game, I found out that its not just the art style that makes Tengami unique. It turns out that this game is an Adventure game. You use the touch screen to change the environments, but you also use the touch screen to tap to where you want the main character to go. The touch screen is also used for puzzles and picking up objects. Tengami could absolutely be played via the gamepad only, but I recommend having the TV on so that you can share this beautiful game.

I am nowhere near the end of Tengami, but I thought it was very important to get the message out quick: Tengami is worth those gold points. Stop saving them. You need this game in your Wii U collection!

Have you played Tengami? If so, what do you think of it?


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