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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a game about a raccoon who skateboards down Mario Kart-like tracks and visits a cool skateboard shop. It’s a pretty neat game, but is it a good game? Here is our review of Tanuki Sunset for the Xbox Series S!


Tanuki Sunset is a skateboarding game featuring a raccoon that plays a bit more like Mario Kart than a regular skateboarding game. You don’t race against other players nor do you get to choose who you play. However, the skateboarding areas are much like Mario Kart and its super easy to fall out of the area. Tanuki Sunset is actually less forgiving then Mario Kart! If you fall out of the area, you won’t go back to the place you were. You’ll go back to the last checkpoint. The same thing will happen if you hit a car or a mountain. This game is pretty challenging.

The controls are easy to learn, difficult to master. The drifting and turning are very sensitive. Its actually better if you slow your character down by pulling back on the left stick rather than drift or turn. Pushing forward on the left stick makes your character go faster. Tanuki Sunset is a really fast game.

Outside of the levels, your character will visit a skateboard shop where they can buy clothes, skateboards, and accessories with in-game money. Its neat how you can customize your raccoon character somewhat. You earn cash by playing levels, even if you lose in the levels you still get cash. Tanuki Sunset is a really neat game, especially if you can get past how hard the game is. It’s a very nice looking game too.


Tanuki Sunset runs really well. It looks good too. The graphics are very nice and slightly cartoon like. The sunset in the background is beautiful. Its neat how it seems to keep a beat to the music that’s playing in a level.

Speaking of the music, Tanuki Sunset has an excellent soundtrack. All of the music is really good. Although some of the music can get a little too intense during the levels. You can always change the music though if its annoying you. It happens but we still think the soundtrack is pretty good!

Overall Tanuki Sunset is a great game. Its levels are pretty tough but the skateboarding fun and the customization is pretty neat. Add to that nice graphics and a killer soundtrack and you get a game that any fan of skateboarding and Mario Kart should check out. Just be prepared for a challenge! Tanuki Sunset looks cute but do not be deceived: it’s a tough game with a nice shiny shell.

Tanuki Sunset gets an 8.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Tanuki Sunset is out now for the Xbox Series S!


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