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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Impressive on PS5

With the weekly numbers released, it turns out that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the best selling title on PlayStation 5, and for good reason. A few weeks back, our own Kevin Austin reviewed the title on the PS4, and over the last week or so, I’ve been making my way through the game on PlayStation 5. So how much more impressive is the game on PS5? Let’s dive in.


I played through the original Spider-Man on the PS4 and posted a review for that title all the way back in 2018. It was a phenomenal game, and easily one of the best of that year, and all of last generation. I always felt that the game pulled you away with two many side quests and optional things to do. While for many that’s great, it wasn’t so much for me. It got me distracted, and the title took me a lot longer to complete than perhaps I wanted it to. For that reason, Miles Morales is a much better Spider-Man title in my opinion.

Not only is the story more focused, but the game itself is more focused. Since you are playing a smaller slice of New York City, everything is a bit tighter and more compact. That means there really isn’t a huge need to swing out of the way to explore certain side activities – you’ll tackle them on the way between story missions. Although I might not have enjoyed the game as much as Kevin – who gave it at 10/10 on GamesReviews – it’s still easily my favourite launch title on the PlayStation 5, and that’s saying something.


So what sets the PS5 version apart form the PS4? While probably a multitude of things I might not even have noticed had I not looked it up – mind you, better visuals and frame rate are apparent from the get-go – the easy answer to that question is load times. It’s snappy. Like INCREDIBLY snappy. A few seconds is all it takes to get from the PS5 menu to swinging through Harlem. That’s it. When many folks think about the next generation of consoles, they get excited for 4K, they get excited about a constant 60 FPS, and they might even get excited for the potential of 120 FPS. Me? I’m excited about load times.

And Miles Morales does not disappoint. I wasted SO much time playing the original Spider-Man waiting for areas of New York to load, or to load interior levels. That’s all gone out the window now, which makes this new Spider-Man adventure much more immersive than the last. There is almost no reason for you to ever feel like the game pulls you out of the experience, because you are literally in the experience almost every second of your play-time. It’s absolutely phenomenal.


In short, Spider-Man: Miles Morales looks cleaner and runs smoother on the PS5, but ultimately you’ll be here – perhaps for a second time! – for those silky smooth and quick load screens. This is next generation, and I cannot wait for more.


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