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Should You Get Deluxe Components for your Board Games?

Deluxe Components for board games used to be a pretty niche thing, but in 2023 you’d be hard pressed to find a game on your shelf that doesn’t have deluxe options available. There has been a lot of discussion lately around Kickstarter pricing for specific games, and whether or not the pricing is worth it, or justified by the product. I’ve thought long and hard about deluxe components for games, and I liken it to staying at resorts at Walt Disney World. Am I just a crazy person about to spout off? Perhaps, but let’s take a dive into whether these components are worth it, and why ultimately it’s really up to you

Deluxe components or deluxe versions of games can, in many cases, double the price of the game you are about to buy. I recently decided to invest in Honey Buzz, and the base version of the game was available for 39.99 CAD while the Deluxe version was available for 79.99 CAD. That is legitimately double the price, and that option doesn’t include the optional wooden coins either. So if you wanted to further deluxify your copy of Honey Buzz, it would cost you an additional 29.99 CAD. Spoiler – I went and got it all, as I prepare for the brand new expansion in Winter 2024.

Ultimately, though, whether you get the deluxe components and whether they are worth it is really up to the person making the purchase, not the consumer looking at the prices. Yes, the cost of deluxe components and deluxe versions might dictate whether they print more of said things, but I find in most situations, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Let’s talk about Walt Disney World for a second. Disney uses three tiers of pricing for their on-site resorts: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. On the surface, in terms of having a place to stay, all three are offering the basics of what you would need: a few pools, food options, and a place to sleep. Like with deluxe versions of games that some people think are not worth it, the question can be asked, “Why have so many options?” Personal preference and choice is why there are so many options.


If we plan to spend a ton of time at the various parks, and little time at the resort, we will opt for a value resort. Can we not afford a nicer resort? No, but in that situation, the cost isn’t worth what we would get out of it. Does that mean the Jones’ across the street don’t see value in a better resort? Absolutely not – they might have no park days booked, and want to experience the resort to the fullest so they are opting for a deluxe for their stay.

The same applies to board games. If someone finds value in metal coins, or realistic looking resources as opposed to cardboard chits, then let them. The value of whether to deluxify your games is made by the person making that purchase. I personally love having deluxe games. I like the better components, the neoprene mats, the upgraded coins, etc. I think they elevate the experience I have when playing said games. But not everyone is like that.

Honestly, there are arguments that can be made, and those are still valid. Yes, if I purchased the base version of Honey Buzz without the extras, I could, for the same price as buying all the extras, add another game or two to my order and have 2 or 3 games to play instead of 1. Some people will make that decision, and good for them. I didn’t, because I know Honey Buzz is a game we are going to play a good amount, and I want the best experience ever.

Opinions are valid. Telling someone they are being stupid for making their experience better for them is not valid. Let people have their fun, it’s not hurting you.


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