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Preview of the Game Super Mario 64 DS

Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise has held the gaming community for quite a while, since the release of the super Mario bros to super Mario 3D. Playing Super Mario 64 ds with its smooth and improved features such as the system dual-screen touch screen and wireless multiplayer capability and other new features such as Luigi’s casino, which enables gambling in the game, gives the videogame a newer and interesting feel. Many sites have made comments on this video game.


Focus has been put on the game’s features, and analysis shows the richness of the virtual betting system embedded in the game. On account of graphics and new characters, players will find all the features pleasurable.

Picture poker, one of Luigi’s games, is a feature that was not included in the original version; thus, the original Super Mario 64 has come a long way. To deal with all this, the PikachuCasinos team has prepared a review of Super Mario 64 DS, which will explain and help.

The Storyline

The role of this series has been iconic and grandiose, paving the way for the transition from 2D to 3D; the DS version of the game excitingly changed the storyline, the disappearance of Mario in peaches’ castle sets a tone for adventure and exploration which Yoshi orchestrates, now Yoshi’s quest is to rescue Peaches, Wario and the other characters, the change in the story is seamless and smooth that the transition feels so unforced.

What is Different from Super Mario DS and the Original?

As earlier mentioned, these have made a good name in the videogame world. The Mario series has evolved from its first release in 1985 till now. The earlier basic nature of the game has been replaced with more sophisticated graphics and features such as casinos that permit gambling. Levels have been improved; although the game was released in 1996, nuances have been added.

At the start of the game, Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach, and as the game progresses, the player unlocks other characters. The graphical evolution is quite spectacular. In the 2d super Mario titles, controls are not quite smooth. Although massive improvements have been made in ds Super Mario 64, Mario’s world has tremendously improved.

What Features to Look Out for?

In the Mario video game, there are quite a few features to look out for; people are pleased by the casino, you play with Yoshi as the protagonist exploring Peaches’ castle to unlock the other characters, the castle is scattered with secret walls and paintings which are portals to another world, Yoshi thus has to defeat Goomboss to release Mario who here is a locked character. All these improvements add texture and flavor to the videogame. In a review of the Super Mario bros minigames,some of the casino features such as picture poker, slots, blackjack, roulette have been summed up as the most popular betting features that can be played in the videogame. The players can exploit the game’s possibilities to bet and make virtual money on the minigames.

The betting in the Mario mini games is for fun and has no realistic implications, although there are online casinos for real money where a player is allowed to stake and get rewarded; in this case, the player stakes real money and expects real money, unlike in the virtual betting games.

The 3D graphics employed enriches the Nintendo video game with abundant aesthetics, it is a creative combination of colors and sounds that excites the user, its beautiful stages provide players with thrill as some are chaotic. Some easily conquerable, players are enthralled to the pursuit of gathering coins to unlock other characters.


Initially, a joystick was used in the videogame, which held to its roots for a while. This has reduced the fluidity of the videogame, although in this series, directional buttons are provided, or better yet, a stylus can be used on the touch screen.

Gameluster reviews super Mario 64 ds and posit that the stylus control, like the joystick, is fiddly and is not quite a great option compared to the directional buttons, which are not optimal but more manageable, a lot of players have complained that because of the controls they have faced cheap deaths through finding it difficult to initiate the right control. Thus, one can say controls are the only setback, which wards people off easily, else from that the video game is great.


Improvement of Characters and Stages

Slight improvements of the characters have made it more enjoyable, as can be seen from some Super Mario run and Casino reviews. The addition of four playable characters is also brilliant; it is nice to have players with different abilities, which the gamer can exploit to meet the particular needs of specific stages.

For example, while slow, Wario displays remarkable strength, which can be used to break obstacles such as blocks, whereas Yoshi’s tongue attack can be used to repel back bombs. Not only are the characters improved, but small fun loops are also provided, like jumping rabbits that can be caught to secure a key that unlocks the minigames. The simplistic nature of the stages has been replaced with sophistication; this is appreciated by many players.


The video game is quite remarkable; the leap taken from the original super Mario series has made the videogame more captivating; the core of the original is sustained, and that is a great thing; consistency.

Regardless of the small issues the video game suffers from, such as poor controls and a few bugs, it still is a no-brainer. It might fail to appeal generally to every player, but if you give it a chance, it is not only enjoyable but undeniably thrilling.


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