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Portal Knights Coming to Nintendo Switch

I’ve never been a big fan of the Minecraft genre of games, mostly because of the graphical deficiencies, and because I feel I’m too dang old to start getting involved now. However, one game over the past year has really grabbed my attention, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours with friends and families building up little towns and villages complete with castles, homes, workshops, and more. I’m talking Portal Knights, one of the better sandbox titles to release this past year on console, and it is coming to Nintendo Switch.


Here is an exert from our review earlier this year:

“Portal Knights is pretty straight forward: there are 47 worlds to unlock and explore. Moving through the worlds is as easy as finding the portal and completing the portal using various colored blocks. From time to time, a boss level will appear, and these portals are much harder to complete. However, once you do get to these boss worlds, a satisfying and rewarding battle looms.

Each world has a specific biome, with plants, minerals, and enemies exclusive to that world. As you progress through these biomes, you encounter more difficult enemies and portals that will take more time to find and finish. Enemies in the first world are Level 1, in the second world, Level 2, and so on. You earn experience by completing a variety of tasks, including resource collection, defeating enemies, and performing quests for various NPC’s scattered around each level.”

Portal Knights is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 23rd!


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