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PDP Gift Guide 2016 – Controllers

After the very successful launch of the Afterglow PDP Wired Xbox One Controller, Performance Design Products has gone above and beyond by taking that great technology and craftsmanship and masking it in designs and themes that consumers love. Previously, we have seen PDP launch a Mirror’s Edge controller that looked great, but they have since partnered with many other companies to launch even more exciting products.


PDP products are all officially licenced by Microsoft, so you don’t worry about getting a sub par product that hasn’t received the ‘royal assent’ from the company behind the system. After getting that certification, PDP goes around partnering with companies that have some significant title coming out, or that coincides with a even.


The three controllers we received last week all look fantastic, and drastically different. They will appeal to different people as well, once again showing the understanding from PDP that no two gamers like the same thing. Hard core football fans can pick up the great NFL controller which is officially licenced by the NFL. Each controller includes a voucher inside for a team specific face plate that just clips on top of the controller. I was worried this faceplate would somehow impede my ability to use the controller affectively, but that wasn’t the case.

I’m not a huge Titanfall 2 fan, and thought that of the three controllers we got, this one looked the worst. However, after showing a few of our writers, I quickly became the minority as the majority of writers and friends of the site thought the Titanfall 2 one was the best design of the three. Again, it points to PDP understanding the marketplace, and knowing what will sell. I wasn’t going to ever buy the Titanfall 2 controller, but when I unpacked the Battlefield 1 controller, I knew I would buy that. PDP is giving consumers options, something other companies are NOT doing.


The contrast in colours on the Battlefield Controller is awesome, and that is why I love it so much. It has a very classy feel to it, making it my favorite of the three controllers we looked at. These controllers can look great, but PDP could quickly turn consumers off of the product if the functionality is not on par – if not better – than an official controller from Microsoft. Having a wired controller probably isn’t a positive for many Xbox players, so PDP has the tough task of making the rest of their controller more appealing. The design helps, but the functionality is where they really sell the product.

Controller Review


At a quick glance, the wired PDP Xbox One controller looks like a standard Xbox Controller. The buttons are all in the same place, and the overall look is very similar to Microsoft’s official controller. Outside of the unique controller designs, someone not entirely versed in official versus unofficial products might not be able to notice the difference. It is when you flip the controller over where you notice the biggest difference: extra buttons.

Microsoft has their own controller with extra buttons, but this controller – the Xbox One Elite Controller – comes with a hefty price tag of 149.99. The PDP controller, with similar functionality – although without the swappable parts – will run you only 49.99-59.99. For those looking for a better First Person Shooter experience at a lower price point, the PDP controller is the way to go.

Aside from the extra buttons on the back, PDP has put headset audio controls right on the controller itself. A little button near the right analog stick will allow you to use the D-pad to adjust chat and game audio. It is a really nifty feature, especially when you pair it with the Afterglow AG 9+ Headest which we really enjoy.


The two wheel buttons on the back of the controller can be mapped to any button. I’ve experimented with many layouts for different games – which can be saved by the way – and often ended up mapping the back buttons to the L3 and R3 buttons (clicking in right stick and left stick). For most games – including Halo, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and more – often map running to the left or right stick click. This often puts extra stress on the thumbs, resulting in pain over short play times. The ability to remap the run – and often the zoom for weapons – to these back buttons is great. This controller is my go-to for first person shooters, and other games as well. Those who play FPS titles, however, will have the most to gain from the mapping ability.


Overall, it is hard to not recommend the PDP wired Xbox One controller from Performance Design Products. Although you lose the wireless functionality, these controllers are even cheaper than your standard Xbox One controller from Microsoft. Any one with reservations because of past experiences with Afterglow controllers – from the 360 and PS3 days – really shouldn’t be worried. The design, construction, and functionality of this controller are on par with your standard Xbox One controllers, and are a much cheaper option over the new Xbox One Elite Controller.



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