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The Nintendo Switch Will Be Doomed Tomorrow

The title to this article may be a little misleading. No, this isn’t a Nintendoom article. I’m not about to tell you that the Switch is doomed. Instead, I’m here to talk about Doom for the Nintendo Switch. I received a review copy of Doom for the Switch on Tuesday. I’ve been playing since then and here are my impressions so far of the game!

I only own a Wii U, a 3DS, and a Switch and so Doom for the Nintendo Switch is a totally new experiance for me. I won’t be able to compare the game to how it was on other systems. I can only tell you how the game is on the Switch. My full review is a little ways off, but lets talk about what I’ve seen so far.

Single Playerblank

Doom is a beautiful game. The outdoor environments, especially, are amazing. And the game looks great on the TV screen and on the handheld screen, although I definitly prefer playing the game in handheld mode. Doom feels like it was made for handheld mode.

The actual single gameplay is pretty good. If you’ve played a first person shooter before, then you’ll easily be able to pick up on Doom’s controls. Doom is a lot more frantic and fast paced then any other first person shooter I’ve played. I was also not prepared for just how gory this game is. Ya, I knew it was rated M for mature. I knew it had some gore. But, wow, is this game ever gory. Don’t let a young kid anywhere near Doom.

Even so, Doom is a fun game. Mature gamers who love first person shooters will definitely dig this game. Its amazing that Doom is playable on the Nintendo Switch and looks great in handheld mode. I think people will have fun with the single player but I have a feeling that most people will be more addicted to the multiplayer.



I have played some multiplayer matches and plan to play a lot more before my final review.

Back in my Playstation days (yes I was a Playstation fan at one time), I loved Free-for-all matches the most. I just want to shoot everybody; I’m not a great team player. So, it was disappointing that I couldn’t get into a Free-for-all match with my fellow reviewers.

However, I did get to play Team Deathmatch, which was pretty fun actually. And I played a mode where you have to defend a moving area too. I liked Deathmatch the best, but the other mode was fun.

I also like how there is a lot customization to Doom’s multiplayer and you unlock more as you level up. Of course this and the modes I mentioned are typical of first person multiplayer modes. That being said, having a fully featured first person shooter multiplayer mode that you can play on the TV or in handheld mode is fantastic.

Was my multiplayer Doom experiance perfect? Not quite but almost. I was never kicked out of a match (we’ll see how well that holds up starting Friday) and there was no lag. But when a new friend invited me to play with him, I was having trouble connecting to his invite. We finally connected but since there are not many people playing the multiplayer yet, we didn’t get to play a match.

My review of Doom will come out a little after the game is officially out, so I’ll get a chance to see how well Doom’s multiplayer works once there is more people. I hope a lot of people buy this game. It would be great to see more third party first person shooters (and more third party games in general) on the Nintendo Switch!

I’m enjoying what I’ve played of Doom’s single player so far. I’m liking the multiplayer a lot too. And it should be noted that I’m not the biggest first person shooter fan around, so I can imagine someone who is really into this genre loving this game a ton!

Doom is out on Friday for the Nintendo Switch! Will you be picking it up?



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