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Live By the Sword: Tactics

Live By the Sword: Tactics is a strategy rpg in the same vein as Mercenaries Saga and Final Fantasy Tactics. Who is this game for? Is it a good game? Here is our review of Live By the Sword: Tactics for the Xbox Series S!


Live By the Sword: Tactics is a strategy rpg in the same vein of the Mercenaries Saga games. The story is very simplistic: two brothers band together with other heroes to try to solve their world. Along the way, you meet other characters that join your party. There are cutscenes that take place on the battlefield and in other locations. The actual gameplay goes from battle to battle much like Mercenaries expect you don’t stop by items or level your characters up. Instead you can choose from different abilities that you can use in battle before you go in and strategically place your allies. The battles play out much like Mercenaries or Final Fantasy Tactics, moving characters via squares according to their move range and taking turns with the enemy. There is a handy turn order to the side to see who goes next. There are multiple modes to check out for this game too!

There’s the main story mode, Skirmish and two other modes that unlock as you progress in the story mode. Another mode will be added in an update. There is also online multiplayer and local multiplayer too. We didn’t have anyone to play local with and we couldn’t find anyone online to play with. Live By the Sword could be pretty cool online. Overall, if you like strategy rpgs, this isn’t a bad one. Its not quite as good as Mercenaries Saga or Final Fantasy Tactics but if you are new to the tactical rpg genre, then you may want to check this one out.


Graphics wise the gameplay looks like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The battles look better when the camera zooms in to give you a closer look at the action. And the soundtrack for the game is not too bad. Mostly light, catchy music.

Live By the Sword: Tactics would be a good game for those who are unfamiliar with tactical rpgs. The tutorial does a good job of introducing the game’s mechanics and the game is focused on its battles not into stats like most tactical rpgs. Hardcore tactical rpg fans may like this game, but they’ll probably be left wanting a bit more from the story and some class upgrading. This is a good game that offers a nice amount of content though.

Live By the Sword Tactics gets a 7.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for review. Live By the Sword Tactics is now available on the Xbox Series S!


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