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How cyber sports are useful: Key points

Children play computer games. This fact worries many parents, because it is more difficult for a child to control himself – and therefore it is easier to become addicted to the game reality. However, there is another, professional form of gaming – cybersports.


The latest and most interesting news can be found on PlayScore, also there are broadcasts of tournaments in all eSports disciplines. What are the requirements for eSports players and what useful skills and qualities do they develop?

Gaming addiction does not equal cybersports.

Cybersports are often understood as a form of addiction. But it isn’t. Cybersport is a clearly built system of relationships, roles and training that involves a person’s ability to apply sports skills in cyberspace.

Cyber sports were made an official sport discipline in 2016, a full-fledged sport that differs from traditional sports in its shorter and smaller amplitude movements. A computer game in cybersport is as much a sport competition as a chess tournament or a tennis match.

Professional cyber athletes clearly understand the difference between the game and reality: after completing the game task, they stop. This is where the line between cybersports and addiction is drawn. If a child does not fulfil social responsibilities, his eating and sleeping pattern is disrupted, he stops doing his homework – then it makes sense to talk about addictive behaviour.

Strict requirements for cybersports

In order for cyber sports activities do not turn into a game addiction, you need to make sure that the child is well developed:

  • willpower;
  • reflexive skill;
  • intelligence;
  • ability to stabilize the nervous system: the child understands that the game is not the whole life.

When a child is sent to a sports section, various tests are necessarily conducted to make sure that he or she will definitely be able to play this or that sport. The same applies to cybersports: the child should develop harmoniously, and then everything will be fine.

What cybersports training is like

Cybersports training is not a household game that a child turns on to take a break from schoolwork. It is a team activity in which the child performs a function. He analyses, makes decisions, builds strategy. Such training lasts for 3-4 hours and must necessarily be built into the child’s schedule – otherwise there will be a bias, and it is harmful.

Equally important is the fact that there is always a coach at cybersports classes, who also monitors the condition of his charges and the time.

What skills and qualities do cyber sports develop?

One of the most important skills that cyber athletes develop over time is analytical thinking. Most of the time, eSports is a group game which involves analysing the opponent’s moves and recognizing the other players’ personal traits. In other words, a child does a tremendous amount of analytical work during lessons.

In addition to analytical thinking, children who play cybersports consciously and professionally develop other important skills and useful qualities:

  • reaction speed;
  • the ability to work and communicate in a team, to be attuned to the behaviour of others;
  • the ability to interact with information;
  • calmness in stressful situations, rationality;
  • Adaptability: the child learns to quickly correct his or her behaviour.