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Horse Tales First Impression (Post Update)

When I first got down and played Horse Tales on Nintendo Switch, I was a bit disappointed in the experience. Sure, exploring the area around Emerald Valley Ranch was fun, and upgrading the ranch itself was also really great. But there were major graphical issues, problems with the controls, and so much more that made it go from a highly anticipated title to a less than ideal experience.


I had previously held off reviewing my time at Emerald Valley Ranch as the development team had let us know a patch was coming to fix some of the issues on Nintendo Switch. With that patch now having landed, I hopped back into Horse Tales to see if the improvement made a massive difference. Well, there is a noticeable difference, and while I’m not entirely sure it’s the perfect game yet, it is a much better experience than when I first played.

The thing is, Horse Tales is much more expansive than I would have thought, with tons of things to do, races to complete, people to befriend, and more. The horse breeding was much more complex than I was expecting, and overall, I was really impressed with the amount of content available. There are a few folks who look at games from Microids (My Universe, for example) or Outright Games and question how companies can charge so much for so little. Well, first of all, they are not charging “so much.” These are not premium AAA titles, and they are not priced as premium AAA titles. Microids is very aware of the games they create, the complexity of those games, and what they feel a good price is for them. I would argue, in fact, that Microids is one of the best companies at pricing their games well, which is probably why I own so many.

Back to Horse Tales, however. I’m not much of an equestrian fan, but I do love open worlds where I can build things, find things, and meet interesting characters. Horse Tales provides this in spades, with new things to learn and uncover around every corner. If you want a great horse adventure this holiday season, this is the game for you!


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