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Browser-Based Games to Play on Your Lunch Break

Filling your lunch break with a spot of gaming is something that many of us look forward to. Games are a way to help us unwind, forget about the stresses of the morning, and prepare for the afternoon ahead.


They can let you escape to a whole new world, get your cognitive juices flowing, or provide the burst of activity that your brain needs. Unfortunately, lunch breaks always seem far too short, so a game that you can pick up and put down quickly, as well as play on your browser is essential. This is our guide to the best of them.

Casino Games

If you’re seriously pressed for time during your lunch break, then heading to the masters of quick-play games is a good idea. Casino games have long reigned as some of the most well-loved games that you can play in just minutes. A spin of the roulette wheel takes just seconds, a hand of blackjack maybe a minute, or a game of poker a fraction of your lunch break.

There are options for playing for free online, which can be good if you’re a beginner. Alternatively, you can play casino cash games if you’re already familiar with the rules. Winning a game of poker on your lunch break can really leave you feeling like a winner, which is always a nice way to start the afternoon.

Quick, Draw

Creative gamers will love this simple drawing game. Quick, Draw gives you an object that you need to draw on your computer screen in 20 seconds or less. Once the 20 seconds is up the bot on the other end of the screen will try to guess what you’ve drawn. If they get it right then that’s a point for you and if they get it wrong then it’s kind of a win too. The reason for this is that Quick, Draw is actively teaching artificial intelligence how to recognize human drawings. They are creating a neural network, or what they like to cool the most extensive doodling data set on the planet. Sure, this game doesn’t offer more difficult levels or save your progress, but you can feel good about improving a worthwhile data set.

Drakensang Online

Back in 2021, Microsoft announced that they’d be testing how browser-based cloud gaming would work. People were immediately imagining the possibilities of instantly playing games with insane 3D effects and beautiful graphics. That time is still a little way off for Microsoft, but it seems that the team behind Drakensang Online has just about cracked it. This game takes place in medieval times and asks you to create and personalize your own character. With this character you’ll be able to explore the fascinating world of DrakenSang, taking in quaint old towns, foreboding swampland, and enchanting forests. The 3D effects in this game are genuinely mind-blowing and the overall feel is certainly not of a free browser-based game. This is a game that will definitely please those who are used to console gaming and really impress browser-based gamers too.

My Little Farmies

Some people aren’t really interested in battling it out and would rather use their lunchtime to escape to a quieter life. The team at Upjers has created a whole load of games that fulfill exactly this criterion, but our pick of them is My Little Farmies. This game takes a freemium approach to browser-based gaming, allowing players access to the complete game, but with the option to buy certain upgrades and in-game currency for real money.

Whether you choose to play for free or not, you’ll be given a plot of land in which to build a farm. Growing cereals and vegetables will be the way that you initially earn money and as you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities.

Keeping cute farm animals, turning your grains into bread and pastries, and making delicious tarts out of your homegrown fruits will net you increasing amounts of money. Before long, you’ll be running a profitable virtual homestead in your free time.

Mirage Online Classic

Certain gamers love nothing more than a bit of nostalgia and if you’re one of those then you’ll love Mirage Online Classic. This game is very pared back in the graphics department, but it has a huge scope for adventure, nonetheless.

You can choose the class of your character, whether you’re a mage, assassin, or paladin. With that out of the way, you’ll begin your adventure through a world full of foes that are out to get you. You’ll need lightning-fast reflexes and the tenacity to keep improving your skills to fight off the increasingly frightening bad guys. Not only that, but you’ll need to dedicate some time to learning which attacks are effective against who, not all foes can be scared off with a sword.