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Best Gadgets Every Certified Gamer Should Own

For certified gamers who live for their gaming experience, each and every gadget that they use means the difference between winning and losing. For this very reason, they want the best device available that does its job and does it perfectly.


Given below, we have made a list of a set of gadgets that are a necessity if you want to take your gaming experience close to perfection:

Top Gaming Gadgets:

  1. Gaming Mouse
  2. Mouse Pad
  3. Gaming Headset
  4. Thumb Grips
  5. Gaming Chair
  6. Speakers
  7. VR System

Gaming Mouse

If you are using a regular mouse for your gaming, it’s time for an upgrade. There are gaming mice made specifically for gamers, with better speeds and ergonomic features to improve gameplay and comfort.

One great choice is the Logitech G502 Hero wired mouse, which comes with a mouse sensor called hero that can go from 10,000DPI up to 16,000DPI.


It was designed in such a way to have a thinner cable to prevent kinking and bending, and in case you prefer a heavy mouse, it comes with modular weights that can attach at the bottom to make it heavier.

Mouse Pad

In order to have full control over your gaming mouse, you are going to need a gaming mouse pad that is smooth and comes with pinpoint accuracy. The QcK gaming mouse pad is the choice of Esports gaming champions for the past 15 years. It is made of micro-woven cloth that gives it a smooth texture for the best gaming experience.

This mouse pad has pinpoint accuracy for both optical and laser sensors and comes with a non-slip rubber base that ensures a good grip over any surface. A variety of these gaming pads are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Gaming Headset

A good gamer knows how significant a headset is to their gaming experience. The Astro A50 Gaming headset is best known for its ergonomics, its high-quality audios, and clear communication. It’s powered by Dolby surround sound and comes with the MixAmp technology and is ideal for all PC, Mac, and Xbox.


It’s easy to connect and use and comes with many other features that you can explore. In addition to all this, it also looks and feels classy.

Thumb Grips

For a gamer, having a grip on their controller is extremely important, as a little slip might result in you losing the game.  Thumb grips can improve your grip so you don’t make any mistakes.

KontrolFreek Alpha Thumb Grips for PlayStation 4 provide you with a good grip that comes with increased comfort. It is specifically designed to be non-slip due to the rubber and easily snaps onto the thumbsticks, ensuing perfect fitness, no slipping, and no stretching.

They are made of breathable material and are available in packs of grips and bundles. Its material keeps the sweat and oil on your hands from reaching the controller.

Gaming Chair

Serious gamers often play for hours on end, so a chair for gamers is a vital addition to your other gadgets and gear. It’s important for every gamer with a whole room dedicated to gaming to have a gaming chair to improve their experience and keep their back comfortable.

X Rocker makes great gaming chairs, often made of pure leather with a complete media experience, including speakers and more. Some models also have vibration motors that sync with your game’s bass for a full body gaming experience.


The most important element of a gaming chair is comfort, however. Look for some that are ergonomically designed, with headrests and the ability to adjust to fit your body.


Only a gamer can truly understand the importance of having good speakers. Good speakers can enhance your gaming experience by folds.

Logitech G560 speakers come with good quality audio and RGB lights to illuminate your mechanical keyboard and make things interesting. They are small and compact in size but have a good volume and bass. In addition to all this, they also comes with an installed subwoofer for bass and control.


VR System

All hardcore gamers want VR systems, and Oculus Rift is the best out there. It comes with its own headset and controllers, so you don’t have to get those additionally if you’re getting this.

It is lightweight, adjustable, easy to use, and perfectly suitable for PC gaming. In addition to all this, it also has 6 VR games from the best VR makers worldwide installed in it. It comes with its own intuitive touch controllers that have high accuracy.

It gives you an immersive experience by holding on to your senses of both sight and hearing, with its VR technology. It also supports Windows 7 and 8.1, but in order to use its advanced features, you are going to need windows 10.

The audio is of great quality as well, and the gadget overall enhances your gaming experience by many folds. These are some of the gadgets that you can get to make gaming and even more exciting activity. All these tools are durable, have great functionality, and comes with many pre-installed features that help in improving your overall gaming experience.



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