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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Free Winter Update (Video)

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Free Update is coming very soon. In fact, its coming this week on Thursday, November 18th. And its looks amazing. Please take a look at the video and then come back here for some thoughts on this update!

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be getting another update this Thursday.

It is the Winter update and includes the Harvest Festival and Toy Day, basically Thanksgiving and Christmas. The update also includes new expressions and hair styles which you can get via Nook Miles. Oh and for those who want to put their game on another system…save data transfer is being introduced too!

The new update looks amazing. Harvest Festival looks fun and if you kept growing pumpkins after Halloween, good because it looks like we’ll be using them again for the Harvest event. There was no evidence of a new crop though, which was a little disappointing.

As for Toy Day, it looks incredible. The new Christmas items are jaw dropping. The light up tree outside was especially impressive. Players will want to collect all of those items!

And the new expressions looked like a blast. From sitting down to getting excited and more, these hip expressions looked like something every AC player will need asap! The new hair styles looked fun too. Anybody need an afro?!

Update on this update: And how could I forget that the house storage can now be expanded too?! Wow. Thats so great. I’m starting to run out of room! Can’t wait!

Finally, if you need to get a new system and you want to carry over your new town, that’ll be possible now. Save data transfer is being added with the update! So great.

The next update will be in Late January and will be for the Festivale event! Welcome back Pave!

What do you think of the New Horizons winter update? Are you excited? We are extremely excited!


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