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Age of Empires 4, The Forgotten City, And More Complete October’s X box Games Pass Offerings

Gaming enthusiasts agree that an Xbox Game Pass subscription is worth the price of admission. While others may find it unpleasant that their library is under Xbox subscription service, subscribers get to enjoy an incredible selection of titles ranging from triple-A blockbusters, Roman Legion to Indie Darlings on their Xbox Pass at an affordable fee.

With a wide array of great titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, deciding which available sequel on your Xbox Game Pass to play becomes daunting. With the subscription costs handled, maximizing your hard drive space becomes important. That said, below are some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass to consider.

  • Age of Empires 4

The Age of Empires series is probably the most appreciated Xbox Pass release in its category, and the Age of Empires 4 is an excellent sequel with nostalgic and innovative gameplay. While the initial franchise remains solid, the new release has advanced animations, a user-friendly learning curve, and more. Everything from the Age of Empires 4 qualifies it to rank among the top strategy games for 2021.


  • The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is the final sequel of the popular Skyrim Mods, and among the most intriguing releases, you can play from your Xbox Game Pass PC. With an ancient city setting, you and the game’s denizens will enjoy being stuck in an unbreakable time loop. However, with some knowledge of forthcoming events and experimentation, you can figure out what’s happening. In general, this Xbox Pass release provides a perfect blend of mystery and RPG.

  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The Dragon Ball Fighter Z is another excellent addition to the Xbox Game Pass with great animations, iconic stances, and more features that Dragon Ball enthusiasts cannot have enough of. The visuals and gameplay cannot be understated, as they bring forth the experience of watching Dragon Ball in real-time.


As the name suggests, the Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a 3 by 3 tag fighting encounter. Just like Marvel vs. Capcom, you should choose your team of combatants before starting and an option of swapping in-battle. Fights in this new Xbox Pass sequel are frenetic, competitive, and fast-paced.

  • Sable

Sable is an excellent long-form release with an unmatched art style that makes it stand out from other heavy hitters readily available on Xbox Game Pass. It has a cartoonish aspect that enhances its sense of wonder, and players are tasked with guiding Sable, the main character, through desert landscapes.


Even though it is quite sparse compared to other games, in terms of side quests and gaming activities, unlimited freedom of roaming through vast arid desert provides enough appeal. Generally, Sable on Xbox Pass isn’t an action-packed adventure and learns towards providing a relaxing experience.

  • Visage

While there are few horror games on Xbox Game Pass, the few available titles provide enough scares. Visage is a great addition to the irresistible collection of skin-crawling and spine-tingling horror-themed plays on the Xbox Pass. Here, players should walk through a scary hallway with ominous lighting while being haunted by incongruous figures that walk closely but silently behind them. Like Sable, it doesn’t pack much action, but its atmospheric tension provides more than enough fulfillment.


Several online platforms have listed enough answers to what games are on Xbox Game Pass and their release dates. However, mentioned above are just but a few of October’s heavy hitters to include in your collection. That said, which other Xbox Pass October release should join the list above? Let us know in the comments.

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Thomas Glare is a freelance writer and an avid gamer. Thomas’s grandfather started his gaming addiction! He had an NES, and he and his brother spent most of their time at Grandpa’s house playing it. He also gave him his first Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy SP. Since then, Thomas has been writing game reviews and keeping up with everything new in the game industry.


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