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8 Ways a Wireless Gaming Headset Can Give You Competitive Advantage

Good gaming gear can complement a gamer’s play style. Acquiring arcade stick controllers for fighting games, gaming mouse and keyboards for PC gaming, and other, more expensive stuff like 144hz monitors and the latest graphics card can totally change one’s enjoyment of the game. However, these are not the only accessories that can make a difference in a game. The addition of a good wireless gaming headset can significantly improve one’s game awareness and experience.


More than Just Better Sound

Why would you need a dedicated wireless gaming headset? Isn’t the same stuff you use to listen to your music good enough? If we’re just talking about sound quality, than any mid- to high-end headset will be enough for gaming. However, wireless gaming headsets bring more than great sound.

  1. No more pesky wires.
    Regular headsets have wires that dangle all the way to your gaming console, TV, or PC. These wires can easily get in the way, especially when they droop next to your neck or shoulder. The wire rubbing against the player can be annoying and can throw off your concentration. Worst of all, someone might end up getting snagged by the wire, causing injury and possibly damaging the unit. By using a wireless gaming headset such as the ones from the Turtle Beach Stealth Series, you get rid of pesky wires and all the trouble associated with it.
  2. More accessible audio controls.
    If you pick a regular wired headset, you should check out where the volume control is. There’s a good chance that it’s located somewhere along the length of the wire that connects the headset to the PC or console. The positioning of the controls may not seem like an issue at first glance, but imagine if you suddenly have to readjust the volume output of the speakers while in the heat of a battle in-game — there’s a good chance that you’ll end up struggling with the control in that kind of situation. On the other hand, a wireless gaming headset controls and volume knobs are usually located in the headset itself where it’s just a quick flick of the finger away.
  3. Better comfort.
    Gaming sessions can easily last for hours. As you play, even the slightest cause of discomfort can be more than enough to ruin the gaming experience. Bad headset design causes uncomfortable pressure points. Wireless gaming headsets are designed to stay secure without clamping down on your head like a vise-grip. In fact, wireless gaming headsets are so comfy you’ll probably forget they’re even there.
  4. Effortless communication.
    One of the most important features that separate good wireless gaming headsets from regular ones is the presence of a good mic. If your wireless gaming headset doesn’t have a decent built-in mic, you’ll have to buy a separate mic just to communicate with the rest of your team. This extra item can take up added space in your setup and, if you have limited real estate, this may end up blocking your view or getting in the way of your other peripherals. A wireless gaming headset with a built-in microphone is an easy solution to this kind of problem. Choose a wireless gaming headset with noise-reduction capabilities to ensure that whatever you’re telling your teammates do not get drowned out by background noise.
  5. Directional sound.
    When playing certain types of competitive games such as first-person shooters, being able to hear where your opponent is coming from is an absolute must. Unfortunately, stereo headsets provide very limited directional sound to give you an accurate representation of where the sound is coming from. Top-of-the-line wireless gaming headsets feature surround sound that will greatly help you pinpoint the location of your target’s way before you get them in your sights.
  6. Improved concentration.
    Aside from high-quality audio, a wireless gaming headset can also help give you a competitive advantage by making you hear less. The best wireless gaming headsets currently available in the market are designed to block out as much external noise as possible. When you’re in the middle of a game, you only need to hear what matters. These sounds may include the footsteps of an enemy lurking about in an FPS game, a distant roar of another race car in racing games, or the audio cues from characters shortly before they execute their moves in fighting games.
  7. Ease of use.
    Wired headsets can be a pain to use, especially if you have to leave the seat to get something. If you so much as forget that you’re wearing your headset, you’ll run out of cord and pull on the wire. It can also work the other way around and displace your consoles. This can cause the headset to fall and break, or you can get hurt in the process, or your consoles can bear the brunt of the damage. Besides, taking your headset off every time you have to stand up can get annoying pretty fast.
  8. Awesome looks.
    Being competitive starts with having the right mindset. Many people wouldn’t admit it, but you’re probably more likely to perform well if you like the accessories you’re using. Wireless gaming headsets are designed not just to sound good, but also to look good. This is why some wireless gaming headsets even have customizable lighting and different colours for particular design schemes. What we’re trying to say is that having cool-looking gear beats gaudy regular headsets.

Buying the Right Wireless Gaming Headset


So, you’re finally ready to buy a wireless gaming headset to help you improve your game. Should be a piece of cake, right?

Not really.

Shop online and you’ll be easily overwhelmed by the countless options available. The same is true even if you pay a visit to your local computer or game shop. It’s tempting to get the one with the biggest price tag to get the best result, but price alone isn’t a good gauge of how much value you can get out of a wireless gaming headset.



Wireless gaming headsets are one of the most personal items in a gamer’s arsenal. As such, it’s important to have a list of criteria when shopping for one.  Subject your favourite wireless gaming headsets to the following questionnaire and see how they hold up:

  • Does it fit you well? Make sure you pick a wireless gaming headset that can be adjusted to a degree that will make you feel as comfy as possible. Soft foams on the headpiece and headband part are must-haves, as well as soft cushion or padding that should prevent the unit from rubbing your skin and scalp raw after an entire day of grinding it out. Also, ensure that the wireless gaming headset feels sturdy without being too heavy. Some wireless gaming headsets have a lot of parts and features that can add to its weight. Remember, you want to feel less of the wireless gaming headset the more you play, and the last thing you want is a headset that feels heavier with every hour you spend on your game.
  • Does it have surround sound? Right now, there are two main types of surround sound used in wireless gaming headsets: true surround sound and virtual surround sound. While both types of surround sound have their pros and cons, having either one of them should be more than enough to provide you with directional sound for when playing shooters or racing games. You can also choose between 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound (7.1 usually costs more), but really, they’re mostly the same considering their intended purpose.
  • Is it durable? Check out the design of the wireless gaming headset you’re planning to buy. Does it feel well-built and do you see it lasting for a few years without getting damaged? Remember that competitive gaming can bring out the worst in gamers and you might end up slamming your wireless gaming headset on the desk out of frustration. Your headset must be tough enough, not something that looks like it’s ready to fall apart any moment.
  • Do you need the extra features included in the wireless gaming headset? Does your wireless gaming headset come with a free sound card? Does it have a completely retractable mic? Does it have a good charging dock or stand? Extra features should add more value to the product, but having too many features can force you to pay extra for items you don’t really have a lot of use for.
  • Does it look good? Most wireless gaming headsets look awesome, but which one fits your own personal tastes? The more you like its look, the easier it is to get used to your new gaming headset. Some people choose their wireless gaming headset based on what would go best along with the rest of their gaming gear. Most wireless gaming headsets have fixed colours unlike keyboards and mice with customizable colour LEDs, but they are usually available in a wide variety of colour schemes.

The addition of a wireless gaming headset to your battlestation can give you a bit more gaming advantage, but it can do a lot more than that: with this accessory in your arsenal, you are assured of a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.


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