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1 Up Box – October 2016

Unfortunately, all my subscription boxes this month landed around the time of my pending move from one office to another, so although this review lacks the pictures that usually accompany it, I hope you will enjoy it none the less. With that being said, lets get to this months 1 Up Box!


1 Up Box has been consistently good since I began reviewing it a number of months ago, and with October being the month of Halloween, we were really hoping for a great horror/mystery themed box this month. Let’s dive in and see what we got!

Jack Skellington seems to be a popular subscription box choice this month, and understandably so. In another box review, I mentioned that the debate is on whether or not Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or Christmas movie. For the record, I’m going to say it is both. That being said, this months Jack Skellington Dorbz was outstanding! I really love the design of Dorbz figures, and really wish more companies were putting this in their boxes instead of the regular FUNKO Pops.


Skellington also made an appearance on this months tshirt, which is a beautiful mash up of many franchises, including the famous Pacman. The design on the shirt is great, it feels comfortable, and it was the perfect shirt to wear trick-or-treating with Scooby-Doo and Spiderman…

…ok I didn’t ACTUALLY go with Scooby-Doo and Spiderman, but my kids helped me pretend, right?

I’m going to be honest. I play video games A LOT, and one of my favorite things to drink while playing games is beer. I have a slight problem, however. Every time I get a great bottle opener – either as a gift or in a subscription box – I generally lose it. Thankfully, this months 1 Up Box came loaded with a Pacman bottle opener which I’ll get lots of use out of. Well, at least until I inevitably lose it.

The least exciting items in this months box were the glow in the dark boo sticker – on the wall in my sons room at the moment – and the Walking Dead bracelet. While I enjoy the design of the bracelet, I’m just not sure if either my wife or I will ever wear it, even though we are huge fans of the show.

Overall, this was a pretty great box; not the best I’ve seen, but still better then most other subscription boxes. If you want your own, head over to their website here and sign up!



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