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With Two Massive Titles, Will Ubisoft Own Next Gen Launch Week?

Although Watch Dogs Legions is coming out at the end of October, it’s close enough to the launch dates for Xbox Series X / Series S and PS5 to be considered a launch title – to be fair, it is a launch title officially, although not a ‘new’ launch title. Ubisoft loves to deliver great content for fans, but it’s not often we get two mega titles so closely to each other. With Watch Dogs launching on October 29th, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launching on November 10th, next generation launch week has Ubisoft written all over it, at least from a third party perspective.


Ubisoft has been dealing with it’s own internal issues over the past few months, and those have no doubt overshadowed these two juggernauts launching within the next 3 weeks. That being said, despite the problems within the organization, hard working developers have poured hours upon hours of blood, sweat, and tears into creating these fantastic universes. Even more impressive – both seem to be coming from Canadian studios (Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto), which makes us very proud Canadians!

There are tons of great titles that will be launching alongside both the Xbox Series X / Series S and the PS5, but based on the lists I am seeing, nothing is coming close to what Ubisoft has planned. And with wildly different experiences – one set in futuristic London, and the other set in the early ages of Britain….OK, so may be these titles have more in common than I thought, but unless you dislike open world games, the likelihood of you either owning Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs on launch day is probably pretty high.

While many titles coming out are going to push the next generation consoles to their limits, I want to say that these two from Ubisoft are going to be the perfect titles by which we measure the success and power of next generation. Both are available on Xbox and PlayStations latest machines, and the comparisons will be inevitable. I’m truly looking forward to launch week for both the Xbox Series X / Series S and the PlayStation 5 so I can see these two Ubisoft titles in all their 4K glory!


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