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Unpacking Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure

3D platformers are the “in” thing again and so we’ve been seeing a lot more of them than we have of 2D platformers. Sure, 2D platformers are still “in” but you have to be called Shovel Knight or Steamworld to really make a huge go of it. People want 3D platformers now and they are getting them. The newest of the 3D platformers to come to the Nintendo Switch is Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure. I am playing the game for review, the review is not ready yet, but I am ready to share with you my early impressions of the game!


Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is an open world 3D platformer. In this game, you play as a box named Newbie. You will roll, jump, and jump even higher all around a very open environment. The game’s tropical environment reminds me a bit of Super Mario Sunshine but its gameplay is basically small challenges and a bit of exploration.

There are a lot of things to find and things to do in this game. You really to have explore everywhere and talk to everyone that you can talk to. I’m not sure how many challenges are in this game but it seems like a lot. You can also change the appearance of Newbie too!

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is fun so far but it doesn’t really have the polish of a Nintendo game. Some of the environments look a bit rough and I’ve run into a glitch or two as I’ve been playing. I’m not saying Unbox is a bad game, its actually good so far, but this game doesn’t excite me as much as some other 3D platformers I’ve played.

Of course, my review for this game is not ready yet so my opinion of Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure could get better or could get worse. I will try to have a full review of this game as soon as possible.

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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