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Two Parsecs From Earth

Do you like Metroid? If the answer is yes, than buckle up! A new Metroid-like game is coming out today on the Nintendo Switch eshop! Its called Two Parsecs From Earth. Is it a good game? Let’s find out!


Two Parsecs From Earth isn’t a Metroidvania game. Its a very Metroid-like game. What’s the difference? Well Two Parsecs doesn’t really have any Castlevania in its blood. Instead its very much Metroid: searching underground for powerups while avoiding enemies.

There are some differences between this game and Metroid though. In Two Parsecs, you have to pick between powerups: for instance you can pick between a super jump or a super dodge, not both.

Also you don’t start out with a way to defend yourself. You will have avoid enemies at first because if you get hit even once, you’ll die.

Two Parsecs From Earth is, dare I say it, a harder game than Metroid. It is much more punishing. The game can be fun though. Its very neat seeing what powerups you’ll find next. Its always a hard choice deciding which one to take!

And it should be noted that Two Parsecs is a good looking game too. The 2D artwork for this game is great.

Overall, Two Parsecs From Earth is a great game. If you like Metroid and wish it was a bit harder, than Two Parsecs is your game!

Two Parsecs From Earth gets a 8.0 out of 10.

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a digital code for this review. Two Parsecs From Earth will be available on the Nintendo Switch eshop today (10/16).


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