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Ticket to Ride Legacy – Does This Remove Cut-throat Competition?

There are two types of Ticket to Ride players: those who love their friends and want to have a fun game night, and those who are terrible human beings and just want to ruin everyone’s strategy and game.

Ok, perhaps it’s not that extreme, but if you have played Ticket to Ride in the past, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There are people who are cut-throat in their approach, and will finish tickets of their own, while sabotaging you in the process. And then there are people who know they aren’t winning, and decide to sabotage for fun. Ticket to Ride Legacy might fix that.

Because the game is played over 12 sessions, and your score from each session will factor into your ultimate score at the end, even if you are losing one of the 12 games of Ticket to Ride Legacy, you probably still want to maximize your own points as opposed to trying to screw around other players. Ticket to Ride Legacy is going to be a somewhat long campaign, which means a few losses early can easily be made up later, as long as you remain competitive.

I hate playing with mean Ticket to Ride players, so I’m hopeful that my assumption here is going to be correct. Yes, putting a train in an obvious place I want to go might help your strategy in the long term, but I think there are more things to think about here than that.

  1. Will your attempt to sabotage me hurt me that much? Can I just go around?
  2. Will your attempt to sabotage me result in you getting an even worse score?

These are two very real things to consider when wanting to play mean in Ticket to Ride Legacy. Couple that with there not being a longest train reward (at least not early on) and also no points for route lengths (again, early on at least), and I think this might be the game that kills that mean streak in Ticket to Ride players.

Are you as hopeful as I am?


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